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We all live in a very magical Universe that is in constant communication with us at all times, even when we don’t feel connected to it.

The Universal energy that surrounds us spans much further than what meets our physical eye, connecting us with spiritual and energetic planes through our intuitive feelings and emotions. 

Sometimes, it’s easy to lose sight of that when you’re so plugged into the physical realm.

There are many distractions here that mistakenly have us focused on the material — finances, material wealth, and tangible items that we can’t take with us when it’s time to transition.

However, when you begin to dive deeper into your unique spiritual journey, you’ll begin to notice how connected you are to all that is and that it’s always been that way! 

The truth is that you have a whole team of spiritual beings that want to see you reach your highest potential in this realm because they know that the more that you heal yourself, you have a positive impact on healing the entire collective.

While you may feel alone or lost during some phases of your spiritual journey, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. 

Angel numbers will begin to reveal themselves to you as you begin to open your mind’s eye to seeing and connecting to all that’s around you.

Soon enough, you’ll begin to see specific angel numbers like angel number 101 that hold specific, special messages for you from your guides. 

Breaking Down The Spiritual Meaning Behind Angel Number 101 

You may be wondering why your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors send you numbers rather than sending a “clear message.”

The truth is that angel numbers couldn’t be a clearer message! 

First, you must understand that we live in a very active energetic realm and each number holds its own unique energy signature.

It’s been scientifically and mystically proven through sacred geometry that our Universe is made up of numeric patterns.

To better understand the deeper meaning of Angel Number 101, you must understand the meaning of each number in the sequence and what that means when you see it in this specific pattern. 

The Spiritual Meaning Behind The Number 1 

While many people may look over the number 1 because it seems to be a simple digit that doesn’t hold much meaning, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

In fact, many people begin seeing sequences like 11:11 on their clocks or 1:11 on their lock screen when they begin to align with who they truly are on a spiritual level. 

This is because the number 1 is very sacred and shouldn’t be looked over because it’s just the start to the spiritual path.

Interestingly enough, there are numbers connected to tarot cards which provide each card with a deeper meaning.

This can also help you to understand the deeper meaning to the energy behind the number 1. 

In tarot, the major arcana card (a card that represents a major theme in life) that’s connected to the number 1 is the magician card.

The traditional depiction of this card shows a literal magician with an infinity symbol above his head as well as an array of tools at his side and on the table in front of him.

He is in the process of creation, symbolizing that everything that he needs is right within reach and that it all starts with him — especially within his mind.

The magician card in tarot is very special because it introduces the idea of manifestation and the power of your thoughts. 

This tells us a lot about the number 1 representing the beginning of everything —  technically representing you!

The number 1 stands for the fact that you are exactly who you need to be, where you need to be, and have everything you need within you to make any of your dreams a reality! 

If you see the number 1 (especially in the angel number 101 sequence), it’s a reminder for you to always connect back to yourself.

It’s all about trusting your natural instincts because your intuition will never steer you in the wrong direction.

This number shows up for you when it’s time to pay attention to those emotional nudges and your thought patterns.

Whether you know it or not, you are constantly manifesting your reality with the power of your mind — use it wisely! 

The Spiritual Meaning Behind The Number 0 

While many people also look over the number 0 just like they look over the number 1, this is a very high vibrational energy that brings forth special messages! 

Quite literally, the number 0 is a straight forward symbol of the all and the nothing, represented by a circle. 

It highlights the idea that while everything is connected, that also means that everyone is a nobody.

Don’t let that go over your head! This simply means that this physical shell that we have (our physical bodies) are simply vehicles for us to take inspired action towards our divine purpose in life. 

At the end of the day when we transition and lose our physical body, we all remain connected on an energetic level.

The special number 0 shows us that there are no real boundaries on the spiritual path. 

As we just mentioned, the physical body is nothing more than a physical vehicle for you to take inspired action throughout your human experience.

If we look at the tarot card that’s connected to the number 0, another major arcana card shows up to teach you about the sacred energy of the number 0. 

In tarot, the fool is represented by the number 0. In the traditional depiction, this shows a young man (but it could be referring to anyone in the reading) that is both confidently and subsequently naively starting a new journey.

It speaks about taking a leap of faith, or moving from a place of inspired action as stated above.

The fool is all about taking chances, increasing your faith, and realizing that throughout this lifetime there will be many times where you have to start over. 

The Hidden Message Behind Angel Number 101 

As you can see in this energetic pattern, the number 1 appears twice.

There is an emphasis on the energy that is held by angel number 101.

However, it’s also important to pay attention to the sequence of this angel number to reveal the message that your guides may be trying to share with you. 

Everything that you are trying to manifest in your life right now solely depends on you.

Mainly, it is dependent on your ability to remain positive and grateful, the extent of your imagination to bring your wildest dreams to life, and use of the resources that have been gifted to you. 

While all of that is important, don’t forget that you are connected to something much bigger.

Keep in mind that your manifestations are not just all about what you want to do or what you want to create, but they have an impact on the collective as a whole! 

If you’re trying to interpret the meaning of angel number 101 for yourself, pay attention to where your mind was wandering when you saw the number show up for you.

This may reveal more about what this special number means to you! 

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