angel number 6666 meaning

While many people may be initially scared when they see repeated 6’s in a sequence, this is nothing more than passed along superstition and fear mongering.

In fact, number sequences are just one of many ways that high frequency beings on other energetic realms send us messages on our spiritual journey. 

To be specific, the repeated number sequence 6666 is actually an angel number that’s delivered with the highest intentions of positivity to keep you on your divine course.

In this particular post, we will be discussing the angel number 6666 and what it may mean for you, plus it’s hidden messages! 

Numbers Hold Frequencies 

In the magnificent Universe that we live in, everything is made up of energy.

In fact, the Universe that we live in is so beautifully complex that there are different dimensions within it, sometimes overlapping over one another. 

Our physical reality is known as the 3d reality that can be perceived and measured by our physical senses (touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight).

However, we all do have access to something that we like to call a 6th sense, or sensitivity to the energies around us.

This is because everything is energy! 

And through the different dimensions, other energetic beings are able to communicate with us the best way that they know how — which usually tends to be with the constants throughout the Universe.

One of those constants is numbers as infamous metaphysicist, Nikola Tesla, discovered through the magical sequence 3, 6, 9. 

Tesla had found that no matter what he studied, there was always a numeric pattern attached to the energetic makeup of everything around him.

This pattern included the high frequency numbers 3, 6, and 9.

Each of them hold their own unique energies (and as you can see, the special number 6 of the angel number 6666 falls within this mystical sequence). 

The truth is that we are all on a spiritual journey simply stopping by on Earth in this physical realm to have a human experience.

We all have a divine mission that we are on and gifts to share with the world.

While you’re on your divine path, you also have a team of angels, guides, and ancestors that wish to see you become the highest version of yourself. 

They are always there with you, cheering you on!

Whenever you have a doubt in your mind, you may feel you need a sign to just keep going.

That’s usually when special number sequences make their way into your reality, giving you that energetic push through a special message. 

If you’ve been seeing the angel number 6666, surely, your guides and angels are trying to remind you to be strong and that you’re always supported — even if you can’t physically see them with you. 

The High Frequency of The Number 6 

While every number holds its own unique energy with special messages for us to decode, the number 6 is especially important throughout your journey. 

It’s no surprise that the number 6 gets a bad wrap — it’s connected to the shadow aspects of our physical reality.

It’s said that the number 6 is connected to evil or negative energy, but that’s not true.

In fact, the number 6 reminds us to acknowledge all of our thoughts and to choose the right ones. 

The number 6 is associated with darkness or dark matter, which is simply the unknown or the feminnine, creative energy.

It’s a reminder that just because you cannot see it, that does not mean that it does not exist.

This number has a parallel energy to your personal shadow aspects of self, or the subconscious side of yourself. 

When you begin to observe your unconscious behaviors (usually associated with your limiting beliefs), you’ll begin to reveal what subconscious beliefs that you have about yourself.

In the beginning of your journey, you may realize that many of the subconscious thoughts that control majority of your knee jerk reactions in life don’t support the life that you want to live.

When you decide to take control of your life to begin morphing into the highest version of yourself, you face a phase in your journey called “shadow work.” 

This is where your guides may provide you the confirmation that you’re on the right path with angel number 6666.

Many people shy away from this crucial part of their journey, which hinders them from the immense success, abundance, and happiness that patiently waits on the other side of their own internal shadows that must be conquered.

This process has nothing to do with superstitions, rather it has everything to do with integrating fragmented parts of yourself that need to be shown unconditional love, positivity, compassion, and understanding. 

The angel number 6666 brings forth the powerful energy of alchemy and thought transformation.

Through showing gratitude through this process, you will be able to step into your own creative magical power and begin to write the script of your own life without limiting beliefs and blockages getting in your own way. 

Is There a Hidden Message in Angel Number 6666?

Believe it or not, there are many ways to receive messages when you see the angel number 6666 show up in your life.

Since this special angel number is a sequence, you can also add the series of 6’s together to total the number 24.

The goal is to simplify the sequence into a single digit, which again would bring forth the number 6! 

As you can tell, the number 6 and it’s potent energy is very important when you see this angel number show up.

This is especially true if you keep seeing the same number over and over throughout your day.

It’s amplified 4 times in the sequence, bringing forth the energy that doing the shadow work will provide you with a better inner-foundation that will lead to long term success. 

The number 4 or having a number repeated 4 times in an angel number sequence brings an emphasis on stability, the home, and the heart center.

The number 4 or having things repeated in 4’s is a very angelic number, showing you that your guides are sticking right beside you at this time. 

Not to mention, when things show up in 4’s, the Universe is mirroring to you it’s natural cycles, showing you that you’re going through your own cycle, too.

For instance, there are 4 seasons every year.

Or, there are 4 elements that make up the physical realm that we live in.

Also, in occult studies like astrology, there are 4 different classifying elements that establish the zodiacal system. 

The angel number 6666 may have repeated the number 6 that many times specifically to remind you that you’re just in a season of your life and that once you do the work, you will naturally graduate to another.

This season in your life may require more out of you — to face your fears and get out of your comfort zone.

However scary that may be initially, your angels, ancestors, and higher beings of unconditional love want you to know that you are safe to start on this part of your journey.

At the end of the day, whatever you face during this time is just a shadowy aspect of yourself that desires the same amount of love that any of the other “lighter” aspects of yourself need, too. 

Other Ways To Interpret The Angel Number 6666

The angel number 6666 is a very special one that holds more weight than you may have originally thought.

It’s important to pay attention to what you’re thinking about at the time of seeing this special angel number.

Your guides may be communicating with you, trying to highlight a limiting belief that needs to be transmuted in real time. 

Or, if you’re happening to overhear a conversation or music when you see angel number 6666, they could be trying to get your attention.

If there is anything that sticks out to you when you spot this angel number, take note of it so that you can dive deeper into why your guides are sending you this coded message directly. 

If you find yourself seeing this number multiple times a day or throughout the week, it may be helpful to keep a small notebook and journal if you have the time.

This could accelerate your shadow work by illuminating the darker  thoughts that are happening in real time unconsciously.

After all, you’ll never be able to heal what’s in the darkness without self awareness and illumination. 

Have you ever seen this special angel number in your daily life?

Can you recall the phase that you were living in while spotting angel number 6666?

If so, please leave your comments about your personal experience below.

We would love to hear how angel number 6666 has shown up to support you on your own spiritual journey!

Sharing your stories could help someone along their path, especially when faced with unprecedented challenges like intense healing and integrating shadow work. 

Sharing is caring!

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