angel number 744

Have you ever asked for a sign from the Universe and then didn’t know exactly what you were looking for?

The Universe works in mysterious ways, but it’s constantly communicating with you. 

Sometimes signs may come as animals visiting you while other times you may receive a more straightforward message that’s told to you from a complete stranger!

One of the most common ways that your guides, angels, and ancestors may send you messages is through numbers and number sequences called angel numbers. 

Our physical experience is a very limited one that’s confined by what we can see, hear, feel, smell, and touch.

However, we are all energetic beings that are having a human experience in this physical realm.

Other energetic planes interact with ours and many times the signs and symbols around us hold their own unique energies.

Your guides use signs and symbols like numbers to send encoded messages for you to decode and integrate into your life. 

If you’ve been seeing angel number 744 over and over again recently, it could be holding an important message from your guides in other realms that wish to help guide you throughout your spiritual journey.

In this post, we’re going to explore the energies behind angel number 744 and what it may mean for you. 

The High Vibrational Energy Behind The Number 7 

Our Universe is made up and fabricated from numeric codes — even your DNA holds numeric codes that have developed the immaculate creation that you are!

Each number holds its own amazing vibrational energy and can offer us insights and messages from our guides. 

In particular, the number 7 is a very special number that can bring you closer to exploring your higher spiritual self. The number 7 is all about your connection to spirit. 

Have you ever wondered why 7 is just considered to be a “lucky” number?

Well, when have unwavering faith, miracles are bound to happen for you in your reality! 

It’s interesting that tarot and other mystical practices hold so much esoteric knowledge for us to explore, especially about numbers and numerology.

In tarot, there are major arcana cards that hold the energies of root numbers, just as there is a card that’s connected to the number 7.

In traditional tarot, the 7th card is connected to the Chariot. 

The Chariot is depicted as a warrior that is steering a wagon led by two horses, typically one black horse and one white horse.

The number 7 invites you to become the spiritual warrior that is guiding the chariot! 

Once you are able to embody this spiritually led warrior spirit, you’ll begin to trust in yourself, the strength of your soul, and the determined faith that your spirit guides have had in you all along. 

Many beginning tarot readers focus on the horses on the card.

The horses are important because they represent the dark energies and light energies that can either pull us two far to one side or the other, ultimately pulling you off the path if they aren’t controlled. 

However, the warrior is the one that is controlling the horses, keeping them controlled, balanced, and on his divine path.

You, as the vessel, have to be able to show up consistently for yourself in order to fearlessly accomplish your goals in this physical realm by balancing your emotions and keeping faith. 

If you see a series of numbers alongside the number 7, just know that your spirit guides and angels are nearby and cheering you on and have more energetic messages to share with you! 

The High Vibrational Energy Behind The Number 4 

The number 4 brings forth supporting messages in the angel number sequence 744.

As you can see, the number 4 shows up twice.

This means that the energy behind the number 4 is being emphasized here, so it’s important to pay attention to the deeper meanings behind this high energy number. 

The number 4 is associated with structure, internal strength, and stability within.

We’ve discussed tarot a lot lately in past posts, but the number 4 also shows up in other esoteric teachings, like astrology.

In fact, the number 4 is connected to the 4th astrological house in the zodiac wheel, which is traditionally ruled by the sign Cancer. 

It’s also interesting that the Chariot card in tarot is also linked to the sign Cancer, so themes about cancers may show up for you if you see the number 4 and especially if you’re seeing the angel number 744. 

The 4th house in astrology is representative of the home setting, the mother, your internal strength, and closely linked to something called the IC in the chart, which is the absolute lowest point of a birth chart.

This means that this is the foundation of someone’s chart or where everything is built up from. 

Themes about the mother, the womb, and the home are prevalent here because they either make or break the inner child, or your inner foundation within.

If you are seeing the number 4, you’re being invited to reflect on your security within the world — and not just in a physical sense — but your inner foundation within.

You should always feel safe and secure in who you are and your spiritual team of guides, angels, and ancestors that always want to make you feel comfortable. 

The Hidden Message Behind The Angel Number 744 

Another way to interpret what the special angel number 744 means is to add up all of the single energetic digits until you have one number.

In this case, 744 would be added to 6.

There is a hidden message that your guides may be trying to relay to you if you can get to know the energy behind the number 6! 

The energies behind the number 6 relate to harmony, love, and a happy domestic life.

Although many people give the number 6 a bad wrap because of the negative connotations of 666, it’s another energetic gift from your guides. 

The number 6 also portrays vibrations of reflection and duality.

It is the very first perfect number out of all of the single root numbers (0-9), meaning that it’s both the sum and the product of its factors. 

For example, the factors of 6 are 1, 2, and 3…so, 1 + 2 + 3 = 6.

Also, 1 x 2 x 3 = 6. 

Basically, when you see this very special number, your guides are reminding you that whatever you are manifesting in your mind will be reflected back to you in your reality perfectly.

Everything is working in perfect harmony as long as you lead with love! 

If you see a series of numbers that add up and simplify to the number 6, just know that your spirit guides and angels are nearby and cheering you on! 

When you reflect on all of the energies that are being presented to you when you see the angel number sequence 744, it’s very clear that you’re being surrounded by angels, guides, and a spiritual team that wishes for you to be successful in this lifetime.

Be sure to take time to review what you’re feeling, thinking about, and wishing for at the moments you see angel number 744.

Your guides are divinely connected to you and will send you messages at the perfect time when you need them! 

Have you noticed any patterns when you see the angel number 744 that wasn’t explained above?

We would love to hear your experiences with different angel numbers, but especially when it comes to angel number 744!

Sharing your stories may help someone else along their spiritual path receive the clarity and guidance they need. 

Sharing is caring!

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