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One of the most frustrating and scary dreams that you can have is being chased.

Doesn’t it always seem like you can’t run at your full speed or that the person or thing chasing you just keeps going and going?

No matter how much effort you feel that you’re putting into running for your life, the attacker just seems to keep getting closer! 

Many people may consider this to be a nightmare, but that doesn’t mean that this particular negative dream experience is going to follow you in your waking life.

In fact, your subconscious mind that controls what’s revealed to you in your dreams may be trying to share a very important message with you! It’s actually very rare to experience prophetic dreams like these. 

In this post, we are going to explore the different meanings that could be hidden in dreams about being chased.

You’ll be surprised that even your scarier dreams have many gems that are worth taking the time to interpret if you can recall the details of your dream. 

The Deeper Meaning to Being Chased in a Dream 

If you take a moment to ponder upon our basic survival instincts, running is one of the first ones that may come to your mind. It’s embedded in our primary fight or flight response.

If there is any threat of danger, many of us would start running without even thinking! 

So, when you have a dream about being chased, this could be an indicator that your body has been activating adrenaline responses to either fear, anxiety, or perceived danger in your waking life.

While your conscious logical mind may be able to compute that whatever person or situation you’re facing in your waking life isn’t an immediate threat to your life, the fear response gets stored in your subconscious mind and in your body. 

When you finally fall asleep, the boundaries of your logical mind fall to the wayside and your subconscious is able to reveal to you what’s really going on internally.

Even though you may be able to control these knee jerk reactions in reality, your dream may reveal to you how you’re really feeling. Take head to these warnings! 

Common Dreams About Being Chased 

There are plenty of people who have had similar dreams of being chased — you’re not alone!

Here are some of the most common themes that have been discussed about dreams that involve being chased. 

Being Chased By Someone Attacking You 

As mentioned above, usually we run when we feel that our safety is threatened.

If you’re dreaming of someone attacking you, this could be a sign of who is making you feel threatened in your real life. 

Try to recall as many details as you can about the person that is running after you.

Is this someone that you know in your waking life? Is it a boss that seems to always come for you or hinder your progress in your career?

Maybe it’s a friend of a friend that just doesn’t give you the best vibes. 

Either way, this could be a message from your subconscious picking up on the energies that you choose to ignore in your waking life.

Even if it doesn’t necessarily make complete sense as to why someone is giving you “bad vibes,” you are still an energetic being that picks up on energy.

Us humans have to do better at trusting our gut instincts and listening to what our energetic body is telling us — especially if our subconscious mind goes as far to send the same messages in our dreams! 

Being Chased By The Police 

Even if you’re not involved in any illegal activities in your waking life, you could have a dream where you are running from the authorities.

The police are supposed to be here to enforce the laws and ensure that people are following the rules that help our society function smoothly. 

If you’ve had a dream about running from them, it could be because you feel guilty about an action you may have taken in the past.

You could feel that you have consequences that are trying to catch up to you.

If you feel that this dream interpretation resonates, try to come clean so that your subconscious mind can take a rest! 

Running From Yourself 

How trippy would it be to turn around and see yourself chasing you in your dream?

Believe it or not, there are people who have reported having a dream experience like this.

Through further investigation and diving deeper into what was going on with them emotionally and in their reality, they discovered that there were fragmented pieces of themselves that they were ignoring. 

If you hold judgements about certain parts of yourself, are not allowing yourself to show up as your true authentic self in real life, or try to hide certain things about yourself to others, you may experience a dream like this.

It’s time to stop running and face yourself — all parts of yourself! 

Having Multiple Dreams About Being Chased 

There are people who have repeated dreams.

If anything, these are very important dreams to pay attention to because they are highlighting that there is something that’s not being healed or solved in the waking world.

If you happen to have a recurring dream about being chased, this could mean that you’re not actually addressing the problem of feeling anxious or fearful in your reality.

Sometimes the dreams may have different details, which could reveal their own messages.

However, the underlying theme is running from your problems rather than facing them head on. 

The best way to remedy this is to force yourself to face whatever it is that’s bothering you — whether that be a person, circumstance, or situation that’s making you feel that unsettled. 

The unfortunate truth is that the more that you try to bury this issue rather than actually address it, the longer it will follow you, even in moments where you’re just trying to arrest and actually enjoy a bit of peace of mind. 

Taking Your Dream Interpretation To The Next Level 

Even though having a dream like this can be nerve wrecking and you may not want to think about it too hard in your waking life, you could risk missing an important message if you choose to ignore it. 

Paying attention to how you felt during your dream, the setting of the dream, who else is involved in your dream, and other details can reveal a lot more about what may be taking place within you on an internal level.

Try to recall as many details about your dream and jot them down to discover patterns and hidden messages from your subconscious. 

If you’ve had any dreams about being chased that weren’t covered in this article, feel free to share your experiences below!

We would love to hear where your wild dreams are taking you at night and how they made you feel.

Sharing your experiences could possibly help someone else reveal a gem their dreams were trying to share on their healing journey as well! 

Sharing is caring!

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