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Believe it or not, having dreams about pregnancy is very common for both sexes.

You may be surprised that when you have a dream about the womb or becoming pregnant that doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually have a baby on the way.

There are many ways that having a dream about pregnancy could be symbolizing different things going on within the subconscious.

In this article, we will be covering how you can interpret your unique dream about pregnancy and what that might mean for you.

The Most Common Pregnancy Dream Meanings

Although you may be tempted to just write off your pregnancy dream as a direct sign that you or the person in the dream may in fact be pregnant they are on our way is that the dream could be interpreted.

A Symbol of Creation

Many times when someone has a dream about pregnancy it simply could mean that there is a birth of something that is taking place.

It doesn’t necessarily have to mean that a baby is being created, but this could be related to excitement about a new idea, a new relationship, or a new creative endeavor that you want to explore.

The overall process of creation is very parallel to the process of pregnancy.

There’s planting the seed or the idea.

Then, there is nurturing and growing that seed usually within a womb, or out of sight of others to avoid opinions or threats to your idea from external influences.

And then there’s the whole birthing process that could be also interpreted as your creative expression.

Development of Something New

As mentioned above, there is a key part and creation which is the growth and development phase.

This takes patience, nurturing, and most importantly removing expectations and being grateful for the process.

Having a dream about pregnancy could be symbolizing that you need to find joy in the process of growing and developing into the new person that you’re trying to become.

A New Start

If you have been longing for a new beginning in your life and received a dream of pregnancy, this could be your sign from the universe that this new beginning is here.

Do you feel like you’re in a process of rebirth?

Are you trying to start something completely new?

Even consider the mother archetype during pregnancy.

That woman will never be the same after they give birth to their new baby.

This is very parallel to you starting a new journey and realizing that you may need to change some of your thought processes and perspectives about your approach to things in order to embark on this new journey.

Interpreting Your Feelings Within Your Dream

Many people pay attention to the symbols and objects within their dream but forget to evaluate how they were actually feeling within the dream.

The dream realm is a playground for your subconscious that hardly gets the spotlight.

It’s very ironic because our subconscious mind actually influences many decisions that we make.

Your dreams are a way for your subconscious to communicate with you.

If there are feelings that need to come up that you are not allowing yourself to feel or creating a safe space to experience, these feelings may show up within your dreams.

If you were the one that was pregnant in your dream, pay attention to if you were feeling anxious versus excited.

Dreaming about pregnancy could be symbolic of your anxieties in your real reality.

There could be fears around everything turning out in your favor in your conscious mind.

If nobody in your reality including yourself is actually pregnant, this could be a message from your subconscious to release fear and get started on creating that new project or diving into that new career path that you’re being called to take.

Identifying Who Was Pregnant In Your Dream

Your dreams have no boundaries. Your conscious mind is resting and allowing your subconscious to take over.

This is why sometimes weird things happen within your dreams. You may have had a dream that someone else was pregnant.

Before you pick up the phone and call them, take a second to consider this.

If you are trying to embark on a new journey, start a new project, or take a new career path, if you have a dream about someone else’s pregnancy, this is a strong sign from your subconscious that you may be comparing yourself to others.

It’s very easy nowadays to get caught up in the “competitor research” phase of launching something new, which can lead to stagnation and imposter syndrome.

Your dreams may be telling you it’s time to get clear on your own vision so that you can give birth to your own unique project.

Dreams About Trying to Get Pregnant

We have covered the possibilities of dreams about you being pregnant, about others being pregnant, but there are many people that have dreams about simply trying to get pregnant.

Now of course, this could be very straightforward if you or your partner are discussing having children.

This could be a confirmation of wish fulfillment from the Universe!

However, many times our subconscious sends us messages through symbols.

Having a dream about trying to get pregnant could be symbolic of a creative blockage that you need to overcome.

If you pay attention to the other objects, feelings, and people involved in the dream about trying to get pregnant you may be able to identify some of the emotions and challenges in your life.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Pregnancy Dream

You are your best dream interpreter.

Only you can truly understand the inner workings of your mind both consciously and subconsciously.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself when trying to interpret your dream about pregnancy.

  • Are you currently pregnant?
  • Have you ever explored the creative process and how does that look for you?
  • What are your true feelings surrounding pregnancy?

Do you have any other dream interpretations, symbols, or meanings for pregnancy dreams and being pregnant?

We would love to hear them and explore where your dreams take you at night!

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