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While most people shy away from anything paranormal because the spiritual world holds energies that many of us don’t understand.

Sometimes, it’s difficult for our minds to compute the energies that lie there, but we can most definitely feel them! 

The truth is that there are positive energies and negative energies because we live in a world of polarity.

Some people call these things entities, while others may call them angels and demons.

Either way, it’s a way for our limited, logical minds to try to conceive what we are feeling on a spiritual level. 

Furthermore, when you dream, your subconscious mind is taking over when the logical mind is finally resting.

This means all of the things that you’ve felt, seen, and experienced on an emotional or symbolic level can finally show themselves to you without being bound to some scary images showing up in your dreams. 

If you’ve recently had a dream of a demon or negative entity in your dream, don’t be too alarmed.

This doesn’t mean that a negative entity is haunting you, there could be deeper, hidden messages in your dream. 

Is It Bad That I Had a Dream of a Demon?

In most cases, having a dream of a demon does not mean that something evil is coming for you.

Although demons are perceived as entities that make you feel a bunch of negative, scary emotions, that could be where the message resides from your dreams. 

This type of dream could be a manifestation from your subconscious mind highlighting a larger emotional issue that is taking place below the surface.

Here are some of the most common themes that have been found about dreams that include demons within them. 

Inner Turmoil 

As mentioned above, many people tend to view demons as a negative while they may view another entity like an angel as a positive.

This is very much a black and white way to view things, labeling one energy as good and another as bad. 

However, there could simply be a conflicting grey area that you’re experiencing on an emotional level.

Maybe you are not able to see things as so black and white in your waking world, which is causing distress and inner turmoil within. 

Your dreams could be highlighting that you’re under a lot of stress, which is in turn harboring a lot of negative feelings on the inside that aren’t being properly processed in your waking life. 

There is also the possibility that you feel pressured or almost tormented by the decision that you may have to make in your reality.

Are you facing issues that cause a conflict between your head and your heart or that go against your inner compass and integrity?

This could show up as a negative feeling or negative entity in your dreams. 

Another thing to consider is that even in movies where a demon is present, the only thing that seems to stop the tirade is increased faith, love, and compassion — exactly opposite of everything that they represent.

This could be a sign from your subconscious that you need to tap more into these positive energies to eliminate all of your negative emotions.

When you consciously invite in more positive energies through understanding, love, and unwavering faith in the fact that you are safe no matter what decision you make, you can face any situation with confidence. 

Overcoming Addictions and Bad Habits 

Have you been feeling tempted by old ways that no longer serve you?

Have you ever heard the saying that the mind is the devil’s playground? 

Many times, the biggest hurdles that we have to face are internal battles between knowing what it is that you have to do to become the best version of yourself and falling back into bad habits that will lead you to the same, tired results. 

If you have any addictive habits whether it be drinking, drug abuse, or even gluttonous habits, you could have a dream of a demon show up for you.

This could be symbolic of the fact that you’re allowing yourself to fall back into situations and circumstances that you know better than to be in. 

When you choose to not take the high road, the consequences are greater in your waking life and they may even follow you into the dream world.

If you feel like it’s time to level up your life, this could be a dream encouraging you to do so and push past these temptations.

This may be a period in your life where it’s time to “face your inner demons!”

Different Types of Dreams With Demons 

Not every dream that includes a demon or negative entity may mean the same thing.

Here are some different dreams that have come up for others that included demons.

This may reveal to you what your dream was really about! 

Dreaming of Being Chased By a Demon 

If you dreamt of being chased by a demon in your last nightmare, this could mean that you’re scared of something from your past coming back to haunt you.

In the dream, you could be doing your best to move forward, to focus on where you’re going only to constantly look back and see this scary thing trying to catch up to you. 

This could be very symbolic of how you feel about someone, something, or a past situation coming back and messing up what’s going on in your present moment or what you’re planning for the future.

As with anything you’re being chased by, the feelings of fear, anxiety, and sheer terror could take over you in your dream.

These are emotions that need to be explored in your waking life about that particular past situation that seems to be haunting you.

It may be time to close those doors officially so that you can move on with your bright future without all of the past baggage and fear. 

Dreaming of Being Possessed By a Demon 

There are not many other things scarier than feeling out of control of your own body, but this is especially true if you feel that you’re being possessed by a negative entity.

If you’ve recently had a dream of being possessed by a demon, this could be a clear message from your subconscious that you feel that you’re not in control of your life or the decisions that you’re being pressured to make. 

We all have a moral compass, a heart that can help us make pure decisions, and an ever-expanding consciousness that helps us tap into our highest selves.

If you feel that you’re not able to make decisions from a place that involves all three of those things, ask yourself what influences in your life are making you feel that way?

Ultimately, you do have control of your own life and should eliminate anyone or anything that is making you question your own inner authority! 

Dreaming of Overcoming a Demon 

If you’ve recently had a dream about battling and beating a demon, this is actually a very positive message from the dream realm.

You could be doing the inner work in your conscious reality that is helping to eliminate some of your “inner demons.” 

Your subconscious mind could be showing you that you’re slaying negative thought patterns that may have tried to keep you in addictive cycles before.

You’re leveling up and this is a sign that you’ve been doing a lot of hard internal work! 

Do Demons Follow You in Your Waking Life After Your Dream?

Rest assured, the images that you see in your dreams are merely your imagination being experienced on a subconscious level.

The negative energies or entities that you may have faced in your dreams are not going to “latch” on to you and follow you in your waking world. 

If anything, your subconscious mind is trying to make a major emotion or message known about your emotional world so that it can be improved in your waking life.

Even though it may sound easier said than done, don’t fear these dreams. They are here to help! 

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