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There are tons of different superstitions that get passed down from generation to generation without much backing to them.

One of the most infamous superstitions is that you’re stuck with bad luck if you crack a mirror, which may have you worried if you’ve recently had a dream that involved broken glass. 

The good news is that your dreams are usually not predictive, meaning that you may not actually have the same experience in your waking life — not that you have anything to worry about anyway.

Broken glass may show up in your dreams in a more symbolic way, showing you different facets of your inner world that may need to be looked at or even healed.

In this post, we will be going through the different messages that may show up for you if you have a dream about glass or broken glass. 

What Does Glass Represent Spiritually?

As you progress on your spiritual journey, you’ll begin to notice that there are many different things that show up to teach you valuable lessons.

Sometimes it may be people, other times it may be animals.

However, many people look over objects because they don’t believe that they are living things…but they do hold energy. 

In this polar Universe, there’s one principle that many people seem to overlook: everything outside of yourself is a reflection of you in some way or another.

It may be difficult to recognize attributes that another person or even another inanimate object holds (especially when their presence triggers you), but the statement still holds truth: as above, so below. 

Mirrors are a direct reminder of this Universal law, showing you a direct reflection of whatever is being shown in front of it.

Mirrors are just one object made of glass, but paying attention to the properties of glass itself can reveal a lot about why you may be having repeated dreams about glass. 


As mentioned above, one of the most common objects known to man that’s made of glass is the common mirror.

It shows a direct reflection of whatever is being shown in front of it — regardless of whether it’s pleasing to look at or not. 

If you’re looking to face a certain truth about yourself, some people may tell you to “take a good hard look in the mirror.”

To be honest, there are so many people that run from themselves that they avoid doing so both literally and figuratively. 

If you’ve recently had a dream that involved glass, broken glass, or especially a mirror, this could be a sign from your subconscious to face certain truths about yourself.

The dream realm is quite literally a playground for your subconscious.

While your logical mind rests, the subconscious takes over and reveals what’s been hiding all along.

This is also called your “shadow self,” or the fragmented pieces of yourself showing up to receive the acknowledgement, love, and compassion that all of the waking parts of you receive in your day to day life. 


Glass is one of the most fragile materials to work with, so it makes sense as to why this may represent trust in a figurative sense.

If you’ve had any special glass pieces of art or knick knacks around your home, there’s a level of trust that’s unspoken with those around you to act accordingly so that everything can stay intact.

Just like trust, one slip up could break the whole thing and take time and patience to piece back together.


Many people hold different definitions of faith, but most define it as something that gives you hope for the future.

This is a belief that something larger is in the works that you may not be able to see, but that you can definitely feel that brings a more positive outlook on life.

Glass can represent faith because even though you can see right through it, it’s definitely there holding things together. 


Glass is also representative of clarity, which is something that we all strive for.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “through the looking glass?”

This usually means that you’re able to see things clearly when you look at them from a different perspective. 

Many of the problems that people face are because they aren’t clear and concise about what it is that they want.

Or, they may be confused due to other people involved in a situation or lack communication that can bring clarity.

When glass shows up in your dreams, this could mean that you’re in search for more clarity concerning a situation. 

Embracing Change 

As mentioned above, glass is a very fragile material — just like most of our realities.

No matter how solid you believe that your circumstances are, there could be one minor thing that throws the plan completely off.

And it’s not said to scare you, but the truth is that nothing is stable.

The only constant is change. 

So, when you see something made of glass that seems particularly sturdy then shatters, this could be a sign that a major change is making its way into your life.

Try to embrace it rather than resisting the inevitable. 

Common Dreams About Glass and Glass Breaking 

If you’ve recently had a dream that involves glass or broken glass, you may be able to find a deeper meaning to it by studying the details of your dream.

Here are some of the most common dreams about glass and how they’ve helped others on their spiritual journey. 

Dreaming That a Glass Broke On Its Own 

There are many ways that a dream may reveal hidden messages to you.

It’s important to pay attention to what stood out to you during your dream to best interpret it.

The main things that will stand out are specific visuals, emotions, and even bright colors that hold things for you to decode. 

If what stood out to you in your dream was a specific glass breaking, pay attention to which type of object it was.

This could give you a hint as to what aspect of your life may be undergoing a major transformation.

As mentioned above, there’s no reason to worry about any superstitions when it comes to this dream.

It’s more about the emotions that may arise when you see the glass breaking to see if you’re resistant to any changes that may be making their way into your life. 

Dreaming That Someone Else Broke a Glass That You Owned 

If you’ve recently had a dream about someone else breaking a glass that you own, this could be a sign that they have broken your trust.

This is a sign from your dreams that something needs to be addressed in your waking life. 

This dream may especially ring true if you’re actually dealing with any fragile situations with that particular person, but you’ve been ignoring your true feelings about it with them for the sake of the relationship.

Your dreams could be trying to show you that you’re suppressing your own emotions, which is creating inner turmoil.

It’s time to speak up and have a conversation that can bring more clarity about the situation at hand. 

Dreaming That You’re Breaking Glass On Your Own 

If you’ve recently had a dream that you’re the one who is frantically breaking glass in a frenzy, this could mean that you’re suppressing anxious feelings in your waking life.

You may have pent up anger, sadness, and frustration that you’re not finding a healthy outlet for.

Again, any suppressed emotions could cause blockages in your energy which create situations in your reality that are less than favorable. 

Dreaming of Walking On Glass 

As crazy as it may sound, there are many rites of passage that ask people to do “painful things,” to prove that they’ve graduated a certain level of consciousness.

Some traditions may require that you walk on fiery coals and others may require that you walk across sharp shards of glass. 

These types of traditions teach you that your physical body is simply a vessel.

Yes, these experiences may be painful, but it’s more about the concept of mind over matter.

If the mind sets its intention to do something, it can bring the body through any obstacle, no matter how painful it may appear to be. 

If you’ve recently had a dream about walking on glass, your subconscious mind may be reminding you that you’re a lot stronger than you think you are.

You may find yourself being pushed out of your comfort zone in your waking life.

Again, embrace these changes as they are all happening for your highest good and keep your eye on the prize! 

Have you had any interesting dreams about glass or broken glass recently that weren’t mentioned?

We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below! 

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