dreaming about running away

Do you remember threatening to run away from home when “life just got too tough” when you were younger?

Just about everyone has that story to tell! 

It’s just the fact that no matter how old or how young you may be, sometimes “real life” can be overwhelming…sometimes to the point where you would rather just start all over than face the music. 

The reality is that we can’t always run from our problems. In fact, most times we can’t run from our problems because they’re internal and simply being reflected to us throughout our experience so that we can heal them.

This may be why so many people have the recurring dream of running away, fantasizing what it might be like to just start a new life spontaneously. 

Or, your dreams about running away could mean something even deeper than that.

In this post, we’re going to be exploring the different meanings that may come from having a dream about running away. 

There’s a Deeper Meaning to Your Dreams About Running Away

The dream realm is a very interesting place.

It’s where all of the boundaries of your normal reality melt away, allowing you to experience the boundlessness of other dimensions on a spiritual and emotional level. 

The way that you’re able to access it is when you finally rest, putting your logical mind’s guard down.

Quite literally, your conscious mind’s primary job is to protect you from emotions that are difficult or painful to process.

At one point in your life, you may have experienced something traumatic that caused you a lot of internal pain.

Now, your conscious mind will do everything in its power to make sure that you don’t experience that again. 

So, in your waking life, if you experience any similar emotions (even in a different situation), your mind will push those difficult emotions to the very back into your subconscious mind.

This is where they will be stored until you have the time and space to “safely” dive into them.

To be honest, most times, we never create a safe space to process our human emotions (even though it’s been proven that it’s necessary that we all should). 

Because of this, the dream realm reveals what’s really going on within you on an inner, emotional level.

When you lie down to rest, the barriers of your logical mind finally fall and allow visual representations to be shown to you that represent your suppressed emotions. 

So, when you have dreams of running away, this could mean that you are figuratively running away from something in your waking life.

Figuring out what that could be for you lies in the details of your dream!

Pay attention to who was in your dream, the setting, and even the colors that stand out to you in your dream as they are all hints as to what your subconscious is trying to reveal to you. 

The Most Common Dreams About Running Away 

There are many ways that running away can show up in your dreams depending on what you’ve been facing in your waking life.

Here are some of the most common dreams that people have recounted about running away and what they mean. 

Being Chased By a Huge Swarm of Bees

If you recently had a dream about being chased by a swarm of bees, this could mean a few different things.

Most people run from just a single bee–or at least try to swat it away in an attempt to avoid being stung! 

First, it’s important to consider the spiritual meaning behind bees as they have their own divine purpose that they are actually amazing at if you take the time to watch them in their natural environment.

Bees typically work together, pollenating the earth and collecting honey that positively supports the natural environment around them and other organisms in the world.

Although they are small creatures, they have a big impact.

They know that their divine purpose is important so they stay busy — hence the term, “busy bee!” 

If you had a dream that many bees were chasing you, it could be that you’re running away from your responsibilities that could be leading you towards your divine purpose.

Not every single step of your journey will necessarily be “fun,” but that does not make it any less necessary. 

Also, this dream could encourage you to measure how you are spending your time.

Are you busily working towards your larger goals or are you filling up your schedule to feel busy and productive, but running in circles?

This dream could call into question what you’re so afraid of when it comes to the symbolism behind bees. 

A Killer is Chasing You

If you’ve recently had a dream that someone is chasing you with the intent to attack you and possibly murder you in your dream, your sunconcous mind is revealing some deep seeded intense emotions to you.

This dream does not necessarily bring the bad omen that you or someone you love is about to die a horrific death.

Most dreams are not predictive, but rather metaphorical and figurative. 

Dreaming of running away from a violent person could reveal a lot about what and who you’re afraid of in your waking life.

This is especially true if you recognize who this person is in your waking life.

Did you happen to see your boss chasing you in your dream?

What about an old friend that you no longer communicate with?

Being killed in a dream symbolically means that someone is taking your life force away.

They are taking away your will to live, overpowering you, and some kind of ending is happening.

If you’re running from this in your dream, you could be fearful that this particular person is trying to overpower you.

This could also mean that you subconsciously don’t trust this person, which should be addressed in your waking life. 

A Scary Monster is Chasing You 

If you’ve recently had a dream of an otherworldly creature chasing you, this could mean that you’re running from something you don’t understand.

Many times in the astral realm, there are energies and entities that can be felt, but not explained.

In order for you to understand the energy being presented in your dreams in the 3D realm for you to interpret, your mind will try to match the energy to an image that you may have picked up in a movie or something similar. 

This dream could mean that you’re running from negative energy in your life that seems to be following you.

Or, this type of dream could even be highlighting that you have irrational fears that can’t even be logically explained.

Regardless, this type of dream could indicate that it’s time to face your fears in your waking life.  

Running Away From Home

Have you ever had a dream that you were trying to run away from home?

What about from your childhood home?

This type of dream could indicate that you may have deep rooted issues concerning your childhood.

If there is inner child healing that you’re putting off in your real life, this cold resurface in your dreams. 

If your dream is more centered around the home that you currently live in, this could be a clear indicator from your dreams that there are unresolved conflicts within the home.

You may even feel shut down by the people you live with or burdened, searching for freedom and authenticity in other places. 

Unable to Run in Your Dreams 

There are many people who recount their dreams and report that their actions are usually slowed down.

It’s apparent that the actions are taking place in a dream because they seem to either be paralyzed or in some sort of slow motion state. 

Your dreams may make you feel that way on purpose, calling you to really slow down and pay attention to the details of the dream happening.

For instance, if you’re unable to run from someone in your dream, your subconscious mind may be highlighting that you really need to pay attention to who you’re running from.

These details could give you more insight as to what you need to face in your waking life. 

Also, paralyzation in a dream could indicate that you feel stuck in your waking life.

Again, the details of the dream matter here for interpretation, too.

It’s important to pay attention to how you feel within a dream and compare those suppressed feelings to events that have taken place in your waking life. 

What Do You Dream About At Night?

When’s the last time you had a dream that was vivid enough for you to dive into the deeper meaning of it all?

Was your dream of running away highlighting something much more monumental happening in your real life?

Drop your experiences in the comments below!

We would love to hear your experiences with the dream realm and what they meant to you. 

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