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If you’ve ever seen the movie Annabelle or Chucky, you might not have the best outlook on dolls.

There are plenty of people who have twisted the innocent nature of dolls to be something that people are afraid of, but don’t worry!

If you’ve recently had a dream about dolls, this isn’t a bad omen. 

In fact, dreams about dolls can reveal a lot about your ancestry, your emotional and spiritual well being, and help you heal certain areas of your waking life.

In this post, we will be discussing the different messages that dreams about dolls can hold and how to integrate those lessons into your day to day reality. 

What Do Dolls Really Represent?

Lots of little girls used to fantasize about having a doll made that looked just like them when the American Girl doll magazine would land in their mailbox every year.

Dolls are a great way to bring a miniature version of you to life. 

Dolls bring forth an interesting concept of play and imagination to your waking life — well, that’s if you’re open to it.

Children love to play with dolls and action figures alike because they have an opportunity to create an entirely different life when exploring the facets of their imagination. 

While this may sound far fetched, having a doll that looks like you to play with can actually unlock different manifestation abilities within you.

When you release expectations of how things are “supposed to go,” and just have fun, you invite in the divine feminine energy of creation and flow into your life. 

This can be proven through different tried and true manifestation techniques.

For instance, if you have a dream car, you can get a play model of that car and play with it every once in a while.

When you’re playing with the miniature model of the car, it evokes the happy feelings that come with having the car and imagining a life that has that particular object in your life.

That’s half of the work when it comes to manifestation — visualizing and feeling like it’s already yours!

The same concept can be applied to dolls and creating a life (or type of person) that you imagine yourself to be. 

Another way that dolls have been used throughout cultures is through manipulation of the doll to create certain real life scenarios.

For instance, in Hoodoo and Voodoo practices, there’s a practice of creating a doll of someone who you would like to invoke certain spells upon.

While some people don’t believe in this or believe that it’s “dark magick,” there have been countless encounters with it over the years both used for good and sometimes for bad.

There must be some truth to this!

If you do certain things to the doll with the intention there, it may just happen! 

Dreams About Different Types of Dolls From Different Cultural Backgrounds 

Not every doll looks the same — and that’s the beauty in them! Different dolls represent different types of people from all across the world.

In a variety of cultures, they have specific ways of creating their dolls using the resources that are available to them.

This creates more authentic representations of the people and their unique cultural backgrounds. 

If you’ve recently had a dream about a doll that didn’t look like a typical doll from Wal-Mart, you may have been connecting with an ancestor in your dreams.

This could be a message from the divine, showing you where your roots actually come from. 

On your spiritual path, you’ll discover that you have a whole team of entities that are rooting for you to step into your highest self and most authentic path.

These entities may include angels, spirit guides, spirit animals, and even your ancestors that were here before you.

Getting to know your whole spiritual network can be very empowering to know where you came from, your innate gifts, and give you clarity as to why you’re attracted to certain things in your lifetime. 

Having this type of dream can also bring in a wave of positive energy as you begin to realize that you are never truly alone on this journey.

It may be helpful to find a similar doll to have in your waking life as a reminder that your ancestors are with you and supporting you throughout your entire lifetime. 

The Most Common Dreams About Dolls 

If you’ve recently had a dream about dolls, this could mean a variety of different things!

Many people have had similar dreams, but found different meanings to them.

Exploring these common doll dream meanings may help you discover what your special dream means to you and how to integrate those lessons into your waking life. 

Dreaming of a Doll That Looks Just Like You 

If you found yourself dreaming of a doll that looks exactly like you, this may be a sign that you’re ready to take a different perspective on life.

You may be looking at the doll from a more observant place with a higher perspective, aligning you with what it may feel like to step into your higher self. 

This dream may be a sign that you’re about to undergo an initiation period in your waking life.

The next few steps on your journey will be bringing you into direct contact with your soul tribe, new connections that will propel you in the right direction, and you’ll soon understand a deeper meaning to your existence. 

Dreaming That a Doll Is Acting a Specific Way That Speaks To You

This type of dream can show up differently for everyone, but if you dreamt of a doll playing out certain actions that speak to you, this is definitely a message to take action.

For example, if you’ve always desired to be a fashion designer and you dream of a little girl playing with her dolls as a fashion designer, this is a reminder that you can begin taking steps to make that dream a reality. 

Seeing a doll being used in that way can be a message from your inner self that you’re ready to take more control over your life.

If you have big aspirations, this is the time to explore them!

Let your imagination run wild and explore new territories. 

Dreaming Of Being in Charge of a Whole Fleet of Dolls 

Overtime, you’ll discover that there are only so many things in your life that you can control.

Yes, you are a very powerful manifestor and co-creator in this Universe, but that’s controlled by your day to day actions.

There are still many things that are outside of your control that you must adapt and adjust to. 

If you’ve recently had a dream about being in control of many more dolls than one, this could be a sign that you’re desiring more control in your waking life.

Again, there are only so many things that you can control. It may be time to get back grounded in your reality by taking control of your daily tasks.

If you’re looking to make big changes in your life, start small with little tasks that will have a ripple effect on the rest of your day. 

Dreaming Of Yourself in the Point of View of a Doll 

If you study the characteristics of most traditional dolls, they don’t have the ability to speak.

If you’ve recently had a dream where you’re aware that you’re in the perspective of the doll, you may feel like you can’t express what’s on your mind. 

This type of dream may be highlighting a throat chakra blockage, or your ability to speak your truth is being stunted in your waking life.

If you find yourself suppressing your true thoughts and opinions for the sake of others, this dream invites you to start speaking your mind. 

Dreaming of Playing Dress Up With a Doll 

One of the best parts of having a doll is choosing what it’s going to wear.

It’s one of the many ways that you begin to define the character that the doll is going to play.

This same concept can be applied to your waking life and how you choose to show up. 

The way that you express yourself fashionably gives people an idea of what you’re about, what you’re about to do, and the energy that you are giving off.

If you’ve been contemplating on developing a new look, this dream could be the confirmation that you’ve been looking for. 

How to Interpret Your Dreams About Dolls 

There are literally so many different ways that dolls can show up in your life and your dreams — and not in a creepy way!

Most times, they are revealing something deeper to you if you’re willing to go the extra mile to figure out their hidden messages. 

It’s helpful to pay attention to the details of your dreams and the feelings that arise.

This is where the message usually lies for you to pick apart when you wake up.

It can be helpful to keep a dream journal where you dive into the deeper meanings of your dreams as soon as you rise from your visit in the dream realm! 

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