dreaming about planets and space

We are all curious about the stars above — there seems to be a never ending list of things to explore!

Much like the ocean, there are many mysteries that our galaxy holds (and beyond)! 

If you’ve recently been having dreams about certain planets or space travel, you’re in store for a treat!

While you may never actually visit any of these mystical planets, there have been years and years of study of the planets and their energies through science, astrology, and its compelling crossover, metaphysics. 

In this post, we will be exploring the puzzling galaxy above and what it means when you start dreaming about being there in the astral realm. 

Dreaming of Planets And Their Unique Energies 

One of the most ancient studies is astrology, which is literally a study of the planets, their energies, and their relationship with one another and how it affects us on an energetic level.

While many people think astrology is a bunch of “woo woo nonsense,” astrology has been a tried and true tool that’s been used for centuries to help keep track of time, determine agricultural schedules, and make important predictions for impactful decisions like when to go to war. 

One of the biggest principles of astrology is, “as above, so below.”

This means that anything happening up above us is also happening within us because we live in a reflective, polarizing, balanced Universe.

Astrology and it’s immense knowledge of the planets and their energies can give you a lot of insight about the energies that influence our actions on a day to day basis among many other things! 

If you’ve recently been having a dream that includes a certain planet or traveling through space, this could mean that it’s time to explore that particular energy in your waking life.

Dreams have a mysterious way of revealing what’s going on within you as well, highlighting emotions, visions, and lessons from your subconscious mind to integrate into your waking life. 

It’s important to understand the planets and their unique energies to get a better grasp as to why that planet may be showing up in your dreams. 

The Sun 

Technically, the Sun isn’t a planet.

This bright blazing ball of fire is actually a star in the sky, but many confuse it to be a planet.

However, it does still embody important characteristics, energies, and unique qualities that you can study to integrate into your waking life. 

The Sun is single handedly one of the most potent sources of our life force energy on Earth.

The solar system reflects this, making the Sun the center of it all.

Even earth revolves right around it, too!

When the Sun transitions into a new season, the weather changes and our lives also change right along with it just as nature prompts us to. 

In astrology, the Sun represents our ego or identity in this lifetime.

Similarly to the physical description above, this is what most of our lives revolve around understanding, defining, and obtaining a good grasp of.

Also, when the Sun travels into a new “Sun season” in astrology, this is defined as a new zodiac sign’s season, presenting new energies to work with on a collective level.

For example, at the end of October, the Sun transitions from the sign of Libra to Scorpio’s Sun season.

This presents an entirely new way to approach life, integrate lessons, and focus on Scorpio’s themes. 

If the Sun shows up in your dreams, this could be a sign that you need to focus on building up your life force energy.

If you haven’t been getting enough Sun in your waking life, this could be a sign to spend more time outside to literally recharge your physical vessel.

Also, this dream could mean that more happiness is making its way into your life. 

The Moon 

Again technically, this isn’t a planet, but it’s still an integral piece to the galactic puzzle.

The Moon can teach us about the one thing that’s constant in the world: change.

The Moon is constantly going through different phases, waxing and waning.

The Moon is actually very magnetic as well, controlling the ebbs and flows of the waves in the ocean. 

In astrology, the Moon’s energy explains emotions and their currents.

Just as the Moon is constantly experiencing changes, you may experience emotional ups and downs.

The Moon teaches you that no matter how many internal changes you experience, you still can shine brightly — even in the darkest of nights! 

If you’ve recently had a dream about the Moon, it may be important to try to note which phase of the Moon cycle that it’s in.

If you had a dream about a Full Moon illuminating the midnight sky, this could mean that something is about to be shown to you in your waking life.

Alternatively, if you had a dream about a slim New moon, this could mean that it’s time to bring in new manifestations. 


The planet Mercury is very interesting because it represents the energy of thinking and communication.

This planet is the fastest moving planet in our solar system, mirroring the way that most of our minds work. 

Mercury is also known to be the planet that can truly show you the power of mental alchemy.

As you may know, there is a lot of power that can be found when you begin to understand how to use the mind beneficially rather than letting it run on autopilot. 

The mind is something like a computer system that is programmed early on through different life experiences.

If you’ve picked up subconscious beliefs that don’t serve you, fears, or negative thoughts, this could be a sign from your dreams that it’s time to do some reprogramming.

Mercury showing up in your dreams could be a reminder that you’re consuming too much information and manifesting a reality that does not match your true goals and desires. 


The planet Mars can teach you a lot about how you choose to use your bursts of energy.

Much like the Sun, this is a very hot planet that presents the energy of action, drive, passion, and even your libido. 

Even in mythology, Mars holds a very combative characteristic by being represented by Ares, the God of War.

This can tell you a lot about the unique energy of Mars.

This planet shows up in your dreams to remind you that it’s important to stand up for yourself, your goals, and what you believe in.

If you’re passionate about it, you’re driven by that innate martian energy that can propel you into truly manifesting some of your wildest dreams. 

If the planet Mars is in your dream, this could be a message from the dream realm that it’s time to start taking action towards your goals.

It’s the right time to start planning your next steps and then start moving in that direction because the Universe is supporting you now. 


Alternatively to Mars, Venus is a much more feminine planet that invites you to explore its energy of love and beauty.

Physically, it may be surprising to find out that despite its beautiful appearance, Venus is actually a very gassy, toxic planet to inhabit.

However, this reveals the polarity in Venus’s unique energy. 

Venus in astrology can show you all about the way that you love and how it shows up in your life.

It also presents the energy of discovering how you become more attractive in life, your natural magnetism, and what you’re attracted to. 

However, in it’s low frequency energy, Venus can become obsessive and toxic (just like it’s physical description in our solar system).

If Venus is showing up for you in your dreams, it’s important to pay attention to how you feel.

On one hand, this could be a love message coming through for you.

On the other hand, this could be a warning from your subconscious that you’re becoming obsessive over something or someone. 


Saturn has a very heavy energy compared to other planets in our Universe.

This planet is known to be physically very cold, have rough terrain, and hard.

It’s no surprise that esoterically, the same energies are presented. 

In astrology, Saturn is also known to be the “disciplinarian,” or “Big Daddy Saturn.”

Saturn brings a very masculine, father-like energy to the forefront, reminding you of your restrictions and responsibilities.

This planet rules over things like time, discipline, and karma.

Basically, no matter how hard you try, Saturn is an energy that cannot be avoided.

Although these may seem like unfriendly energies, Saturn presents a necessary energy to leave something great behind and can prime you to create a legacy. 

If you’ve recently had a dream about Saturn and its many rings, this could mean that you’re contemplating your legacy.

If you’ve been having thoughts about the future, this planet may present itself in your dreams to remind you to think of practical steps that you can take to bring your biggest dreams to fruition.

It may not be easy, but it’ll be worth it! 


The planet Uranus is a very quirky planet that physically holds abrasive qualities just as interesting as its unique energy permits.

Uranus is an icy planet that causes sudden shifts in weather.

It’s the only planet whose equator is nearly at a right angle to its orbit, with a tilt of exactly 97.77 degrees.

This is what causes the most extreme seasons in the solar system.

Astrologically, Uranus rules over sudden changes — big surprise!

It brings forth sudden jolts of new information, rebellion, and ultimately reminds you of your birth right to freedom.

If there is anything that is stopping you from stepping into your true sovereignty, this planet may show up for you in your dreams.

This could be a sign that you’re ready to step into your own lane, release any baggage, and start a new journey as a newly defined individual. 


It’s amazing that the physical features of the planets so closely resemble the energies that are mystically described in astrology.

Neptune is made of a thick soup of water, ammonia, and methane that covers its center.

The Neptunian atmosphere is made of hydrogen, helium, and methane that seems to make the appearance of a blue planet like Uranus, but it is completely different.

Neptune also has six rings, but they’re very hard to see.

In terms of energy, Neptune is the planet of dreaminess, illusion, and connects you to spiritual realms that you cannot see, but that you can feel.

This energy reminds you to rely on your intuition to guide you rather than your physical senses.

When Neptune shows up in your dreams, this is a call to trust your gut.

It’s also a reminder that you’re on a spiritual journey in this lifetime, connecting you to many things that you may not see in the material world — but they are very real! 


The planet Pluto is considered to be a “dwarf planet,” or a planet that has been modernly discovered.

Its physical size is smaller than a quarter of the Earth’s moon and it has its own unique moons as well.

Also, Pluto is the slowest moving planet in our solar system. 

This says a lot about the energy of Pluto.

Although it’s small, Pluto presents the energy of transformation, death and rebirth, and long-lasting change.

Unlike Uranus, this isn’t an abrupt change.

Pluto brings forth generational change, which takes lots of time and effort to actually instill.

This may be why it has its own moons, representing the ebbs and flows that come with making long lasting changes in our lives. 

If you’ve recently been having a dream about Pluto, this could mean that you’re ready to make life-changing decisions.

This could be a subconscious warning to prepare for these by releasing what no longer serves you.

Also, this dream could be a message to be compassionate with yourself as you transition into this new phase in your life because it will not happen overnight. 

Taking Your Dreams To The Next Level 

Even if you’re not into astrology, the energies discussed in this post may ring true for you and your dreams.

When it comes to interpreting your dreams, they can hold many meanings.

Try to keep an open mind as you explore the many things that the astral realm may present to you. 

If you’ve recently had a dream about space, share your experiences in the comments below! 

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