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One of the many breakfast delicacies are eggs – they can be prepared in so many ways!

Most people don’t think too much further about eggs than what we usually use them for, which usually lands within the cooking and baking realm. 

However, if you’ve recently had a dream about an egg or multiple eggs, you may find that there are many ways to interpret this dream.

This is because eggs can represent many different things and be used in a wide variety of ways outside of the typical way that we cook them. 

In this particular post, we will be discussing the different ways that eggs show up in dreams and what that dream might mean for you. 

Deeper Meanings to Egg Symbolism 

You may wonder why dreams show so many weird images and play out scenarios that just don’t make sense in real life.

Well, there’s a little thing – actually, it’s a very big important thing – called the subconscious mind that takes center stage when you’re dreaming. 

While you’re awake, your conscious mind helps you make logical decisions based on reasoning developed from learned past situations.

The conscious mind can be limiting if not actively expanded by learning and teaching yourself new things.

However, the subconscious mind acts as more of a storage room for all of your suppressed emotions, imagery, and symbolism that evokes emotions that your conscious, logical mind isn’t ready to process just yet. 

When you finally lay down to rest for the night, your conscious mind also gets a break.

This is when the subconscious takes the opportunity to show you what’s really happening internally within you.

Not to mention the spiritual realm blends with the dream realm, giving you insights to other dimensions with special messages to be decoded uniquely for you. 

Eggs for Energetic Cleansing 

There are many different cultures that use eggs for spiritual energetic cleansing.

Have you ever seen someone energetically wash themselves with an egg?

If not, there are tons of Youtube videos that can show you how! 

This particular practice allows people to collect the bad energy within the egg and break it into a glass of water to give an energy reading.

Depending on what’s found in the egg cleanse, the person can take the appropriate energetic rituals to raise their frequency and dispel any negative energies around them.

If you’ve recently had a dream about an egg, this could be a sign that you need an egg cleanse! 

Eggs Stand for The Creative Process 

In its most natural form, an egg represents the creative state of a life being formed.

The protective shell of an egg keeps the animal safe as it develops important parts of the body before it’s final hatch. 

If you’ve recently had a dream about an egg, this could be symbolic for creative projects that you’re investing your time into.

It may be time to keep nurturing and protecting your ideas and dreams rather than share them with the world just yet.

Everything has a natural process.

Give yourself time and practice patience as you begin to manifest your dream into reality! 

Eggs Representing Fertility 

As mentioned above, eggs are an important stage in some animals’ development.

Having an egg show up for you in a dream could mean that you are in a very fertile stage in your life.

If you’re a woman, this could mean that pregnancy could be in the near future.

However, it doesn’t have to mean literal pregnancy, rather you could be fertile with an idea or potential new project. 

If you’ve recently had a dream about an egg that seems to hold some importance in your life, this could mean that you’re ready to nurture something new in your life.

Pay attention to the details of your dream as this could reveal more about what direction life is trying to take you. 

Different Types of Dreams That Involve Eggs 

Now that we’ve covered the deeper meaning behind eggs, there are still many differences to discover in the ways that eggs can show up in your dreams.

Here are some of the most commonly found dreams about eggs and what they could mean for you. 

Dreaming About Eggs for Breakfast 

If you’ve recently dreamt of scrambled eggs, this could indicate that you’re feeling confused about things in your waking life.

However, some people thrive in a little bit of chaotic energy.

You may be on the brink of creating something new and expected out of the cards that you’ve been dealt. 

If you’ve had a dream about eggs over easy, this could mean that you’re entering a more peaceful period in your life.

Again, pay attention to the details of your dreams that stand out to you and how they make you feel.

These could be signs of what the dream is really trying to tell you. 

Dreaming of Reptile Eggs 

Having a dream about eggs other than the typical egg that comes from a hen could show a deeper meaning to your dream.

If you’ve had a dream about a reptile egg specifically, this could mean that you’re going to keep your ear close to the ground and rely more on your instincts. 

Most reptiles are very instinctual and rely on their intuition to guide them.

While their senses may lack in other areas, they’re always close to the ground where they can pick up the vibrations of other animals and beings.

This is a characteristic that you may take on in the future after having this type of dream. 

Dreaming of Dragon Eggs 

Dragons are mystical creatures that can represent different things for different people.

In some cultures, dragons may symbolize power while in others they could represent anger or aggression.

Depending on what happened in your dream, you could need to transmute this anger or frustration you have into more personal power. 

An egg showing up rather than the actual dragon itself could mean that you’re beginning to understand how to transmute energies more frequently in your life.

This could be a time to dive deeper into “shadow work” or learning about your triggers so that you can use them to your advantage rather than letting them control you. 

How Have Eggs Shown Up for You in Your Dreams?

If you’ve recently had a dream about a special egg or several eggs, how has that dream reflected in your waking life?

Sharing your unique dream experiences can help others decode their own dreams and better understand the interesting messages that the Universe could be trying to share with them. 

Sharing is caring!

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