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Have you ever dreamed about yourself falling in love with someone and wondered what that means? Maybe you fell in love with a stranger in your dream, or maybe it was someone that you know well in your waking life.

To actually feel like you’re falling in love in your dreams is really quite the experience. And if it happens in a third-person dream, then it can really be an odd experience.

Whoever you’re falling in love with in the dreams you’re having, we’re here to help you interpret the dream perspective meaning of seeing yourself falling in love.

Some Possible Meanings of Falling In Love Dreams

If you’ve had one of these dreams, you might be feeling all warm and fuzzy, or you might be feeling a bit unsettled (especially if you’re already in a relationship). So, let us help you to make sense of it all with a bit of dream interpretation.

First, you need to ask yourself how did this dream make you feel?

  • Did you feel good?
  • Did you get those love butterflies in your stomach?
  • Did it make you upset or angry?

Knowing how it made you feel goes a long way in determining the meaning of our dreams.

Now, here’s some possible meanings and interpretations for a dream where you are falling in love.

You feel that that you’re falling in love, but you’re alone in the dream.

This is a really interesting one because you can feel all the telltale signs that you’re falling in love – from the butterflies in your stomach to the overwhelming warmth and bliss.

But, no one else is in the dream.

So, you feel like you’re falling in love. You know that feeling is true, yet who are you supposed to feel this about since no one is actually there?

Well, if you’re having those feelings in your dreams but no one is there for you to love, then it may mean that you’re not actually ready for love. It may be something that you desire, hence the manifestation of the feelings, but it’s something that your subconscious knows that you’re not really ready for right now.

Or, it could mean that your love is one-sided. If you get a sense of who it is that you’re in love with in the dream, but they’re not actually there, then this is the logical conclusion.

That being said, some researchers have the opposite hypothesis and interpretation for this dream. Some of them think it is your brain signaling to you that you are finally ready to open up and accept love into your life and find someone to share that love with.

Knowing how the dream made you feel helps you to determine which of those meanings applies to you in your waking life right now.

You dream about falling in love with a stranger.

If you don’t get the sense that you know that person in your dream that you’re falling in love with, then don’t get worried about that. It may just mean that love is on the horizon for you, but you just haven’t met this person in your waking life – YET.

You can view this is a sort of prophetic dream, or a vision of the future.

If you are currently in a relationship when you have this dream, then it may mean that you’re no longer in love with your partner. This may be a signal from your subconscious that it’s time to move on and end this relationship for one with someone new.

You dream about falling in love at first sight.

Given how much focus is put on love at first sight, it’s very common for people to dream about this fairytale sort of relationship. And for most people, these dreams have a similar plot line.

You’re surrounded by friends, family, etc. when someone that you don’t know, or that you don’t know that well, shows up and it’s just instantly love at first sight.

What’s noteworthy about this type of falling in love dream is that it’s often with a stranger, but can also be with a celebrity. Basically, it’s the ultimate fantasy.

Often, this dream means that you are ready for love in your waking life and you’re just anxiously waiting for it to happen to you – and you have this romanticized notion of how it will happen for you.

You may even have this dream while in a relationship, which could mean that you need to rekindle that spark with your loved one or that it’s time for you to move on and find that spark with someone new.

You dream about falling in love with your partner.

Sometimes people have falling in love dreams that are about their partner. So, if you’ve dreaming that you’re falling in love with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband, then this is a good thing!

It symbolizes that your love for your romantic partner is stronger than ever. And it serves as a great reminder that you are in a loving and happy relationship in your waking life.

Of course, there are some variations of this dream that you might experience.

If it feels like the love starts to fade away in the dream, then this points to your waking life relationship and how things may be fading. You probably are wishing for things to be as strong as they were in the beginning of the relationship.

It’s possible that your relationship is just in a transition phase, in your waking life. For instance, maybe that hot and heavy initial love is fading away to that deeper level of love and understanding that only comes from long lasting relationships.

You dream about falling in love with a celebrity.

I think it’s safe to say that most, if not all, of us have had this little fantasy dream. With the dreaming being about a celebrity, the dream is both about a stranger and about someone we know.

What we know is the public persona of the celebrity, which we have romanticized, but we don’t actually know the celebrity as a real person. In essence, the celebrity is a stranger that we have preconceived notions about, which led to the fantasy in our dreamland.

Dreaming about falling in love with a celebrity is just a fantasy and it doesn’t really mean anything other than you find the person attractive and you think that you’d fancy them.

It’s a harmless dream, even if  you’re in a relationship with someone in your waking life. Though it’s not healthy to obsess over a celebrity, or any person for that matter – and you should seek professional help if you think that is what’s happening with you.

You dream about falling in love with someone evil or bad.

Sometimes people dream about falling in love with someone bad or evil – it may be a real person, a stranger, or a character played by a celebrity in a movie or television show. It can even be a fictional character from a book.

Occasionally people fall in love with demons, the devil, or other forces of evil in their dreams. While this may scare you, it is important to remember that it is just a dream and that it is not your waking life reality.

However, if you are in a bad relationship with someone who hurts you, then this is your waking life reality and your dream is just a sleeping representation of your waking life reality. You should seek help if you are in this situation in your waking life.

If the evil is only in your dreams, then you should assess what it is that you’re feeling that is causing this attraction in your subconscious mind. You may just be genuinely curious and seeking adventure.

Or, you may be experiencing some negative emotions in your waking life that are leaking into your dreams.

This may also signal that you are being seduced by someone evil in your real life, or that your brain has noticed that someone bad is trying to get into your good graces. If this is the case, be sure to take notice in your waking life and prevent this person from getting too close to you.


Have you had a dream about falling in love? Do you have questions about it? Do you have a falling in love dream interpretation or meaning that we don’t have and you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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