fish dream meaning

Dreaming of a fish could mean so many things!

You may be thinking this has to do with your fish tank in the main room or that sushi you may have had last night for dinner, but your dream could have so much more significance! 

The truth is that your dreams are boundless — and surprisingly the zodiac sign Pisces that rules the dream realm is represented by two fish!

Just as fish swim through what seems to be the bottomless ocean, your dreams are boundless as well.

Everything flows as the Pisces fish rules the subconscious mind of feelings, emotions, intuition, and connection to other realms (we will discuss more about the significance of Pisces, the dream realm, and the subconscious mind in just a moment)! 

Your dreams are a way for hidden emotions, subconscious thoughts, and signs and symbols that you’ve picked up along the way in your waking world to come up and work through them — well, that’s if you’re willing to dive deeper and interpret the messages.

Dreaming of fish can hold a lot of important meanings. In this post, we will be discussing what your dream could possibly mean within the context of your dream! 

The Deeper Meaning of Fish Symbolism 

Throughout many different cultures and ancient teachings, fish show up to show us a variety of lessons simply by doing what they do best — just swimming, existing, and flowing within their natural watery habitat. 

They don’t have to do very much to simply amaze us.

They have a completely amazing structure, beautiful scales, and the ability to breathe underwater!

The fact that fish can only exist in water says a lot in itself. 

The element water is all about healing, flowing, and immersing yourself in the energies or environment around you. Water can also take any form that it’s put in.

Similarly to how a fish may have existed in a different body of water, but now can still happily survive within a smaller tank if transferred.

Fish show us how to adapt and just keep swimming because that is their natural way. 

You may have a different outlook on fish depending on where you grew up or who you were raised around.

If you live in a more westernized household, you may have grown up going fishing as a recreational activity.

On the other hand, if you have an eastern background, you may have looked up fish with luck and fortune as they’ve been taught through different cultures. 

Even when it comes to religions and spiritual beliefs, one of the many Christian symbols is the fish as a symbol for Jesus Christ.

Some even say that although western cultures believe his birthday was on December 25th, that there are other documents that may prove that he was actually a Pisces born in either February or March. 

Either way, whatever you believe or don’t believe about fish could affect how you are more inclined to interpret your dream about fish for yourself.

Let’s dive deeper into how fish could show up for you in your dreams, revealing hidden messages about your waking life. 

The Most Common Fish Dream Meanings 

As mentioned above, there are many different meanings that fish carry depending on where you’re from and who you’re around.

Here are some of the most commonly found dream interpretations of different dreams with fish in them that may help you to understand what your dreams are trying to show you in your waking life. 

Riches and Abundance 

There are many cultures that enjoy eating fish and their economy is greatly stimulated by the fish market.

If you ever see a coastal city, many tourists go there to enjoy high end seafood that they can’t find anywhere else.

This is a symbol of luxury and eating well. 

If you see the fishermen who go off to gather the fish for these markets and high end restaurants, catching a bunch of fish at once could be a sign of sure prosperity and abundance.

This trade off will not only feed those that are interested in the seafood, but for all of the men and women that came together to go get the fish. 

If you have a dream of many fish, this could symbolize that you have abundance making its way to you or a fruitful opportunity that will not only provide for you, but others as well.

Try to recall the other details of your dream to interpret who may be involved or who can help you reach that abundant place in your life where you’re able to take care of yourself and others. 

A Deeper Spiritual Connection 

As mentioned earlier in the article, the fish is a very important symbol in the Christian faith.

Even if you don’t identify as Christian or hold those beliefs, the concept of “Christ Consciousness” is something that is talked about in spiritual communities as well.

This basically means to strive to become more enlightened and integrate higher levels of consciousness into your everyday waking life. 

If you recently had a dream of a fish, this could be a call from your higher self to raise your vibration, increase your faith, and explore new ideas that may stimulate spiritual growth. 

Exploring Polarities and Duality 

The astrological sign Pisces is symbolized by two fish that are technically tied together.

In the picture, you may see two fish swimming in two opposite directions. 

Pisces is one of the most complex signs of the zodiac and many people forget that it is in fact represented by two fish, not just one.

Yes, one fish may be high vibe, very spiritual, intuitive, and going with the flow of life. 

The other however, is going in the opposite direction, showing us that there is an internal battle within that Pisces fight.

Finding a way to balance the polarities within us is the only way to ensure that the fish is able to move at all without swimming in circles. 

You may find that if you have any Pisces friends or relatives that they can experience extremely high emotions and very low emotions as well.

This is because they are water signs, living and existing in very emotional worlds and even becoming lost in the dream world if they can’t practice finding balance within their duality in the waking world. 

Pisces is also the very last sign of the zodiac, symbolizing its importance to integrate this lesson into your waking life before you’re able to move on to the next (or first) sign of Aries again and start a new cycle. 

Pregnancy and Fertility 

Many people may not know this fun fact, but there are a lot of different types of fish that lay hundreds of eggs at once when they are procreating.

This could be translated in your dreams if you’ve been trying to conceive or know of someone who may be trying to create a family.

To better interpret this dream’s meaning, pay attention to the people who were in your dream.

Were you in close proximity to the fish or did you see someone else in your dream?

This could give you a hint as to who may be fertile right now! 

Accepting Changes and Transformation in Life 

Obviously, the fish’s natural habitat is water, whether that be in the river, lake, or an ocean.

Water is symbolic of the ebbs and flows of life and how things may change around you.

It’s always better to go along with the current rather than against it. 

If you happen to have a dream of a fish trying to swim against the flow of the water they are in, this could symbolize you not changing and adapting to what’s going on around you.

It may be time to release control and flow where life is trying to take you! 

The Fish Showing Up for You As a Spirit Animal or Totem 

In many ancient teachings and cultures, gurus rely on studying nature and the animals within them to teach the people valuable lessons about life.

The main difference between humanity and the wild animals that we are surrounded by is our conscious mind.

Sometimes though, our conscious mind can cause a lot of confusion while animals are pretty clear about their purpose and set out to do exactly what they came here to do, whatever that may be. 

There are many people who recall fish showing up for them both in their waking life and in their dreams.

If you’re constantly having a dream of a fish or seem to run across them and feel their significance, this could mean that the fish is trying to bring you a special message or spiritual medicine. 

Fish could be showing up for you to remind you that not everything in life should be hard.

In fact, it’s important to find your way by following your own current, or by managing your own energies.

Again, studying the deeper meaning behind the astrological sign Pisces could be helpful because it explains how energetically sensitive people under the fish’s sign are.

Even if you’re not a Pisces, it can help you to understand how to manage the duality within you and flow with where your intuitive hits are trying to take you. 

This includes your dreams, too! The dream realm is just a peek into your subconscious, where your intuition lies as well.

Many times when we ignore our emotions or intuitive nudges, they become stored in the back of our minds and only can be revealed to us when our conscious, logical guard is down while we sleep.

Take head to these messages because they are trying to lead you to a deeper understanding! 

How to Improve Your Dream Interpretation 

Although there are many professionals that have studied dream interpretation, the best person to understand the deeper meaning of your dreams is you!

After all, the dream realm is a place that explores the inner workings of you — even all the things that you try to ignore in your waking life. 

If you ever can recall details of a dream, try to either record a voice note or write in a designated dream journal to begin documenting the messages that come through.

No matter how fantastical or crazy they may seem, the more you’re able to jog your memory of the details, the better your dream interpretation skills will be. 

Have you had any wild dreams that involve fishes lately? Did you come to a different dream meaning conclusion?

We would love to hear about where your dreams drift off to at night and how they have helped you in your waking life. 

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