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If someone were to ask you what is the most majestic animal, you may be tempted to quickly reply, “horses!”

There’s just something about their strong build, stamina, and flowing, beautiful hair that’s captivating. 

Horses are a very spiritual animal that brings us messages, lessons, and guides us through living in it’s natural divine purpose.

If you’ve recently had a dream about a horse, watched a movie where one stood out to you, or saw one of these beauties out in your real life, the horse may be trying to hint something to you. 

In this article, we will be talking about the divinity of horses and why they always tend to show up for us right when we need them both in our waking lives and in the dream realm. 

The Most Common Horse Dream Meanings 

It may be helpful to understand why horses stand for so much.

By taking a look back on history, you can see how much they have done for humanity overall!

Since being domesticated way back before 4,000 B.C., we had used them for mainly transportation through long travels as well as even in war because of their stamina and strength! 

When horses are domesticated, sometimes their owners will put blinders on them to give the horse tunnel vision, which is another thing that we admire about horses.

They have an ability to focus and charge at what’s ahead, but that does not negate their powerful peripheral vision when the blinders are off.

In fact, they have such high intuition and are so aware of their surroundings that the blinders are used to prevent fear reactions and to help the horse focus when it’s absolutely necessary. 

Here are some of the most common meanings that people have found when horses show up in their dreams as a sign or synchronicity to show them something in their waking life. 

Strength and Stamina 

One of the many characteristics of horses that amazes people is their ability to maintain their stamina.

Just think about the things that we compare horses to — for instance super fast, durable cars.

When a car is impressively fast, we tend to say that it has lots of horsepower. 

When a horse shows up in your dream or if you notice a horse in your waking life that stands out to you, spiritually this could be showing you your potential to endure through whatever circumstance you’re facing.

The way that you build stamina to beat the odds is by training and preparing.

Horses have beautiful muscles that can be seen underneath their glossy coats when they’re running.

This is a sign of muscle memory, which is built overtime through training and preparation. 


Horses are very powerful animals that hold a lot of strength. Not only do they stand much taller than most humans on all fours, but especially when they stand up on both feet.

They’re definitely not an animal that you want to put up a fight to because the outcome is that they most likely will overpower you. 

Through their constant training and active lifestyle, horses build up tons of muscle and power especially in their legs.

If you see a horse in your dream or happen to see a horse in your waking life that brings forth a message for you, it may be a warning that you’re about to face a situation that requires you to step into your power.

In the very near future, you may need to stand up for yourself! 


The main function of horses (well, within the domesticated sense) is to help with laborious jobs.

They have a very high tolerance for energy exertion and understand how to transmute energy.

Tolerating high heat, gusting winds, and even the most rainy weather is a strong point of horses. 

If you have a dream about a horse or happen to notice a horse that is still thriving in less than admirable surroundings, this could be a sign or synchronicity for you to notice and adopt this trait.

While your waking life may not be the most enjoyable at the present moment, this is a sure sign that you can make it through! 

Free Spirit 

We’ve mostly discussed how horses have been domesticated, but there are plenty of wild horses that live out on their own in their natural habitat.

Even when a horse is domesticated, they still have a wild, free spirit that resides within them.

That’s why many horse owners still make sure to give their horses plenty of land to roam as they please. 

If you’ve recently dreamt of a horse, this could be an indicator that you’re ready to let loose and let spirit guide your life a little more.

You have a very rambunctious spirit that wants to explore the world around you, but you need to let go of the reins and run free. 

Fertility and Creation 

Did you know that horses are actually very temperamental mothers? They can be quite moody if you’re around their young and they don’t want you to be.

Many people assume that the symbolism of the horse is inherently masculine because of their stamina and strength, but that’s exactly what makes horses great mothers and protectors as well.

Plus, horse reminisce can also be used for fertilizer, which brings life to many more things around them.

This is a sign that you or someone you know could be expecting a child or possibly even bringing birth to a new project. 


Even back in the day, having a horse required a certain amount of resources and status.

Nowadays, when you have a car that has horsepower, there’s a good chance that you’re somewhat elevated in life.

Or even if you own actual horses, that requires land and money to purchase and care for the horse properly. 

These are all signs of abundance and prosperity.

If you have a dream about a horse, purchasing a horse, or have been getting a nudge to do so, this could be a sign that abundance and prosperity is making its way into your life! 

Frequently Shared Horse Dreams 

Everyone has different dream experiences, but there are some that tend to overlap, especially with a common spiritual animal like horses.

Here are some of the most common dreams that have included horses within them and what they mean.

Hopefully, you can find some similarities to them to help you interpret your unique dreams. 

Dreaming of Riding a Horse 

If you had a dream that you were horseback riding, this could be a sign from your spirit guides to pay attention to the speed in which you are moving towards your goals and manifestations. 

If you feel that the horse is just trotting a long rather than moving at a good pace, this could be a sign to light some fire beneath you to get it done! 

Also, pay attention to your surroundings if you’re dreaming of riding a horse.

Where are you at currently?

Do you have a feeling that you know where you’re going?

These could also be clues as to what your dream may be trying to tell you. 

Dreaming That Other People Are Horseback Riding 

If you’re not actually the one riding a horse, paying attention to the people who are could hold a hidden message in your dreams.

Do you know them? Are they complete strangers?

Why do you feel like you’re observing them?

Many times in these types of dreams, you may witness a group of people riding horses together.

This could mean that you’re observing how those people working together may affect you in your waking life.

How does their energy feel together and is it adding to your life positively or negatively? 

Racehorse Dreams 

Having a dream about a racehorse is not an uncommon dream.

As mentioned above, many of the favorable characteristics of a horse is their stamina, speed, and endurance. 

If you had a dream about a racehorse, betting on a horse, or even yourself appearing to be the racehorse, this could be a very clear message about how you’re feeling about your personal goals.

You may be in a rush to get to the finish line rather than enjoying the process and learning all of the important emotional and spiritual lessons along the way. 

Flying Horses 

Now we understand that you may be confused by a horse that actually took flight in your dream, but in ancient myths, flying horses weren’t that uncommon.

In fact, the most famously known flying horse is Pegasus from Greek mythology. 

Pegasus was a divinely created white horse with wings that was associated with immortality, clarity, magic, and devotion.

If you see a flying horse in your dream, your dreams could be sending you a message that you’ll be receiving clarity to help you move forward on your journey with integrity, gracefully flying over your obstacles. 

The Trojan Horse 

The story of the Trojan Horse is another popular ancient myth from the Greeks.

It told the story of a victory in Troy that was accomplished because the soldiers hid within a huge wooden horse.

Although we won’t get into all the details of the story, this could have a very urgent message for you if the trojan horse shows up in your dreams. 

Your subconscious mind could be picking up the fact that someone is hiding something from you or that there is more to be revealed.

In your waking life, you could be trying to avoid this confrontation altogether, but it may be inevitable.

If you see the trojan horse in your dream, be sure to keep an eye out to make sure the people you’re surrounding yourself with aren’t wearing a mask or have ill intentions. 

Dreaming of Horses and Water 

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force him to drink!”

This is a common euphemism that basically means that as bad as you want to help someone or teach someone a lesson, that ultimately they have to want that same outcome. 

Your dreams could be sharing a valuable lesson with you.

The more energy you exude trying to force someone to help themselves or to learn a lesson without them experiencing it themselves, you could become easily drained.

This could be a sign to pull back and focus more on yourself. 

How to Best Interpret Your Dreams About Horses 

As you can clearly see, horses are associated with a lot of things.

Each of these signs and symbolisms mean something different to everyone, just as your dreams come to you uniquely. 

To best interpret your dream, take time to digest everything you can remember about them.

If you have a journal by your bedside, be sure to write down all of the details that come to mind because they could come in handy later on when you start to decode the message! 

Dreams work in mysterious ways, connecting the dots from your waking life to your emotional and spiritual world.

While the conscious mind works within the rules and boundaries of our reality and society, dreams are ran by the subconscious and completely boundless.

The rules are just different, so they may reveal messages in odd ways. 

The best person to interpret your dreams is you because you’re the most aware of how you feel during and after your dream.

This can begin to lead you in the right direction towards understanding the true meaning of your dreams. 

Have you recently had any run-ins with horses in the dream world or in real life that stood out to you?

What did you take from those encounters emotionally, physically, or spiritually?

Is there something we missed that could help someone else reveal more messages on their spiritual path? 

We would love to hear about your interpretation of horse symbolism and spiritual meaning in the comments below! 

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