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Usually, the only time that you see a lion is while you’re watching the discovery channel, getting a sneak peak into their wild habitat.

Some people may be daring enough to go on a safari adventure once in their lifetime, attempting to just grace themselves with the presence of the most majestic cat in the world, actually experiencing its power in person. 

If you’ve recently had a dream of a lion, there is major significance to this and you should pay attention to what is trying to be revealed to you.

The dream world is full of mystery as it speaks through symbols, signs, and emotions that have been stored in your subconscious.

While you sleep, the conscious mind finally releases its grip on your perception and allows the subconscious to show everything that is going on beneath the surface. 

In this article, we will be discussing the different meanings of lions and what it might mean for you if you recently had a dream about them. 

What are the different symbolic meanings of lions?

Thinking of a lion may bring up a bunch of different thoughts and feelings for you depending on your perception of this big jungle cat.

It’s because they hold so much power and important meanings in a variety of different cultures and teachings depending where you came from. 

Here are just some of the most common meanings and feelings that lions may bring into your life. 


Did you know that when you see a group of lions together, it’s called a pride.

This word comes up a lot around the meaning of lions because the way that a lion carries itself — whether alone or with a group — is with pride.

There is no denying that lions know their own power. Not only are they aware of it, but they make everyone else around them feel it, too! 

Of all of the animals in the jungle, they know who they are and they are not shrinking themselves down for anyone whether it’s a human or even another large animal.

This may be a theme that comes up for you if you’ve been dreaming of lions. 

Do you find yourself making yourself smaller to fit in with a group of friends?

Or are you not reaching your highest potential in a job?

This dream could be encouraging you to have more pride in your life. 

Controlling Your Temper 

If you’ve recently dreamt of a lion, especially in the context where they are in defense or predatory mode, this could be an indicator of something brewing on an emotional level.

Lions are known for their boisterous roar when they are upset or trying to assert themselves, which could be how you’re feeling on a subconscious level. 

It’s also interesting that in tarot, the strength card is representative of the astrological sign, Leo.

Leo’s symbol is the lion!

The strength card tells the story of a pure maiden petting the head of a lion and she’s the only one that can tame the lion.

It’s representative of the fact that you do have to find balance in this earthly realm between the beast within and your spiritual purity.

Not everything is worth roaring about and not everything deserves an animalistic response. 

Your dreams may be revealing to you that it may be time to reevaluate what you’re so upset about or if it’s even worth addressing.

This could be a sign from your higher self to take the high road and control your temper! 


Dreaming of a lion could be a message from your subconscious that it’s time for you to step into a more leadership role in your life.

You may be internally activating a part of yourself that you may not have stepped into before. 

The interesting thing about the lion is that it’s connected to the star sign Leo in astrology as we mentioned above.

Leo is ruled by the sun, which provides tons of fiery, passionate energy.

It’s also connected to the solar plexus chakra in the chakra system, which rules over your personal power and confidence.

This is all connected!

If you’ve ever done any chakra healing meditations, especially on the solar plexus chakras, many gurus will refer to the power of the lion.

They will encourage you to bring that energy within to activate your solar plexus. 

You may be seeing bright colors like oranges, yellows, and golds in your dreams just as the lion shows up in real life.

This is bringing healing energy to your solar plexus from the dream realm, inviting you to be confident in your leadership skills. 

Facing Your Fears 

Can you think of one thing that a lion is afraid of in real life?

Yeah, we didn’t think so. 

Lions are fearless, knowing and owning their power.

They don’t back down from a challenge and will take every opportunity to assert themselves.

It doesn’t even matter which gender the lion is either, the female lions are just as fierce as the males! 

Even further backed by the stars, the astrological sign Leo is a fixed sign.

In astrology, there are modalities that explain how certain energies work.

While there are cardinal signs that are initiators and mutable signs that are much more flowy, fixed signs are strong willed, persistent, and determined. 

If you’ve been worried about a certain situation in your life and have a dream of a lion or are afraid of a lion attacking you in your dream, this may be a message to face your fears bravely.

Nothing bad will happen to you when you assert yourself and uphold your boundaries! 

How to Take Your Dream Interpretations to the Next Level 

Exploring your dreams is something that everyone should take the opportunity to do.

There are many people who don’t remember the details of their dream.

If you happen to, the best thing that you can do is write them down immediately to jog your memory of other details.

Overtime, you’ll begin to notice certain patterns that come up in your dreams or a specific way that the dream realm speaks to you. 

Don’t forget that the dream world is the playground for your subconscious, so some of the messages may come to you in odd ways.

It’s where all of the hidden emotions, symbols, and signs can come to the forefront if you’re open to really diving into the deeper meanings of them.

The conscious, logical mind is finally at rest, giving you an opportunity to explore the spiritual, energetic sides of yourself that we don’t always have the chance to explore in our external reality. 

Be sure to check in with yourself when you have dreams that stand out to you.

Paying attention to how you felt in a dream, who else was in your dream, the colors, and sensations can reveal deeper meanings for you! 

If you’ve recently had a dream about a lion that wasn’t shared here, feel free to comment your dream experience in the comments below.

We would love to hear the hidden messages that were revealed to you in your dreams or where your wild subconscious mind has taken you. 

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  1. While we were walking in the park we saw a big white lion about two or three but one at a time running towards my direction and then back (its like back and forth) when we (me, my husband and my daughter’s female friend) saw it we run the opposite direction and I’m running so slow, i was afraid that the lion might get me because i’m running so slow like slowmotion and i’m giving it all but still slow, fortunately despite the slowness it wasn’t able to catch me.

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