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When you have found out that you or your partner is pregnant, there is probably tons of hopeful future planning happening with your loved ones.

The thought of bringing a new life into the world can be an exciting one that gives people a purpose if they ever felt they didn’t have one before. 

However, when you or your partner learn that you’ve lost the child before term, the whole new world that you were beginning to plan for could come crashing down.

Miscarriages can leave long-lasting effects on not only the mother, but the father of the unborn child as well. 

If you’ve had a dream about a miscarriage, this doesn’t neceessarily mean that that’s the fate of your unborn child.

Most dreams aren’t predictive, meaning that they can actually be more symbolic for what’s to happen in the future (especially if you or your partner aren’t pregnant).

In this post, we will be discussing the different meanings to dreams about miscarriages and what they may mean for you. 

Does Having a Dream About a Miscarriage While Pregnant Mean That Will Happen? 

As mentioned above, most dreams aren’t predictive.

This means that just because you have them, doesn’t mean that whatever you saw will take place in your waking life.

Most times, dreams are very symbolic for what’s happening within you on an internal emotional or spiritual level. 

It can be helpful to understand a little more about the dream realm and how it works in conjunction with your mind and senses to get a better idea of why certain images show themselves to you in your dreams. 

The dream realm works much differently than our waking world because our reality is ruled by our conscious mind and the conscious minds around us.

When you finally lay your head down to rest for the night, the conscious mind winds down as well.

This leaves your dreams to be run by the boundless, imaginative subconscious mind. 

The subconscious mind connects the dots between stored memories from experiences, images, signs, symbols, and your emotions.

While in the waking world, you may consciously suppress your feelings in order to move forward with your day, the subconscious mind never forgets.

The craziest scenes may play out in your dreams based on how an image or symbol made you feel in your waking world, jumbling up a bunch of odd experiences that seem to not go together in your reality. 

That’s why such surprising and violent acts happen in our dreams to bring us hidden messages about what’s really going on on an emotional and spiritual level beneath the surface.

If you’ve recently had a dream of having a miscarriage, this could be giving you insight to something else going on within – not an actual miscarriage.

Try to think a bit more beneath the  surface by paying attention to the details of your dreams and see what they may mean to you. 

The Most Common Dream Meanings About Miscarriages 

This may not be the most inviting subject to talk about, but sometimes uncomfortable conversations are necessary in the healing process.

If you’ve recently had a dream about you, a partner, or even a friend having a miscarriage you may be able to find a deeper meaning to why this type of dream showed up for you in this life. 

Here are some of the most common dreams about miscarriages that other people have had and how they integrated those lessons into their reality. 

A Chance to Dive Deeper Into Inner Child Healing 

Many people mature and don’t look back at what happened to them within their childhood, thinking that they’ve overcome many of the things that have actually created major triggers in their life.

While it is difficult, inner child healing is absolutely necessary to move forward into a successful adulthood. 

When you actually have the opportunity to move forward with having a child, many inner child healing issues may arise.

Naturally, you want to do and provide better experiences for your child than you had – but you’re unable to actually do that healing until you’re ready to face what’s hurt you in the past. 

If you’re having dreams about miscarriages, this could mean that it’s time to face the experiences that may have shaped you from a very young age.

This can apply to you if you’re actually pregnant, if your partner is pregnant, or if you have a dream about a friend having a miscarriage as well. 

The dream may not be exactly predictive, but it could highlight that you’ve lost a major part of yourself – the childlike version of yourself – due to traumas that could have taken place when you were younger.

It may be time to actually discuss deep inner child healing with a licensed professional to bring your emotional healing journey to the next level. 

Missing Out On a Creative Opportunity

Just because you had a dream that involved a baby, doesn’t necessarily mean that you could be pregnant (especially if you’re not physically equipped to do so).

Although there are plenty of people who have dreams that do come to fruition, the majority of the time they don’t in the case of miscarriages.

This type of dream is symbolic of losing something that babies represent – in this case, this could mean an opportunity or new creative possibilities. 

The subject showing up as pregnant in the dream could be alluding to an inner desire that you have to create, no matter who is actually pregnant in the dream.

Whether you actually want to conceive, you may also be extremely drawn to creative energy which is actually very much the same as fertile energy.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the process of creating and birthing a new project, idea, or life into the world. 

However, if the dream involves losing the baby, you could be subconsciously stressed about missing out on a huge creative opportunity.

Had you been procrastinating on something that you know you could have given a little more effort to?

Did you wait too long to dive into something fun that would have lit your soul up and now the ship has sailed?

These are questions that this type of dream may bring up for you. 

You’re Currently Avoiding a Necessary Transformation 

Sometimes, if you see yourself as the one having the miscarriage in your dream, this could mean that you were in a very vulnerable position to transform important parts of your life.

Usually, this looks like being pregnant with a new idea of yourself that you’re working towards achieving. Or, it can show up as a death and rebirth in your dreams. 

As you can see, a miscarriage is kind of right in between both of those extremes, touching both symbols all at once. 

While you may be trying to push yourself out of your comfort zone in your waking life, there could be some resistance.

You may find yourself falling into old patterns and habits rather than submitting to the transition that you’re currently experiencing in your waking life. 

This dream could come to you as a reminder that this change is completely necessary.

You could be at a place in your life where you’re sitting on a lot of creative potential and can truly be anything that you want to be or do what you want to do.

Do not let fear, past experiences, or old people and patterns deter you from what you know you have the capability of accomplishing. 

Still Fearful That This May Be a Predictive Dream?

As with any spiritual or emotional healing practice, it’s always recommended that you listen to yourself and your intuition first no matter what.

If you’ve read through the dream interpretations above and nothing is completely resonating with you, it’s okay to act on your dream in the way you feel makes you feel the most comfortable. 

If in your gut, you truly feel that this dream is a sign to get medical attention, then do that.

If you had a dream about a friend who’s in the early stages of pregnancy and feel that it’s important to tell her about your dream, then do that! It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

While the dream realm mostly connects us back to our own feelings and emotions about situations, it does bleed into the spiritual realm where we can communicate telepathically.

There are other beings there, sometimes even people who have passed, who share information with us for specific reasons. 

If you feel that this information was shared with you during a dream for a reason, don’t hesitate to act on it even if it doesn’t make sense to other people.

Your dreams are for you to feel, to see, to interpret, use and act on if you feel necessary. You don’t need anyone else’s approval to do so! 

What Dream Experiences Have You Had Lately?

Even though there are many people who can interpret your dreams professionally, the best person to dive into your dreams’ deep meaning is you.

Try to keep a notepad or special dream journal near your bed to jot down the details of your dream for better recollection.

As you begin to recall details of your dream and write them out, this may bring up other context clues that could help you interpret what your dream patterns may be about. 

Have you had any odd dreams lately about miscarriages that we did not cover?

We would love to hear about your late night dreams and the meanings you’ve found to them in your waking life.

You never know who else may have experienced a similar dream that could help them on their healing journey! 

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