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Have you ever had someone take something from you in real life?

Maybe you had friends over for a game night to notice that some of your belongings are gone. 

When someone takes anything from you without permission, this can cause many negative feelings to arise — mistrust, vulnerability, anger, or even sadness.

Being stolen from in any context can cause you to question the intentions of everyone that surrounds you, bringing up a barrier between you and everyone that you once were trying to connect with. 

If you have a dream about being stolen from, these same feelings and questions may come to the forefront for you.

Your dream about being stolen from may not actually happen in your waking life just because the vision came to you in your dream, but it could be holding an important message or warning for you that you should pay attention to. 

In this post, we will be discussing the deeper meaning that may reside behind having a dream about being stolen from.

Surprisingly enough, this dream may reveal much more to you about your feelings, emotions, and those around you than you may have originally tought! 

Why Do You Have Dreams About Things That May Not Happen In Real Life?

As mentioned above, just because you have a dream about something bad happening doesn’t necessarily mean that the act will play out in real life.

Many times, dreams aren’t predictive (although they can be from time to time), they are usually symbolic or alluding to what’s happening within you on a personal, emotional, or spiritual level. 

Your brain works in mysterious ways, separating things from a conscious standpoint and a subconscious level.

Your conscious mind operates on a logical level, compartmentalizing things so that you can function in your day-to-day life “safely.”

What’s considered to be safe is anything that does not warrant a flight or fight response, or that doesn’t trigger feelings of extreme anger, sadness, or adrenaline. 

In your day-to-day life, you experience lots of different situations that may cause your emotions to dip into low lows and very high highs, but if you acted on all of them, you wouldn’t be able to function properly.

For instance, if you’re at work and your boss disrespects you, you cannot lash out right then and there or you may risk losing your job and your livelihood. 

However, the emotion doesn’t just disappear.

In fact, it gets stored in the very back of your mind where the subconscious resides.

The brain will compartmentalize difficult emotions to process so that you can address them later.

If you don’t consciously make time to process all of the emotions or situations that you have stored over time, they can become overwhelming. 

In your waking life, you may feel a heaviness that seems to have a hold on you and still try to ignore it to continue handling your daily responsibilities.

However, when you finally get a moment to rest, the boundaries of your logical mind fall and allow your subconscious mind to take over. 

The subconscious mind stores so many things from emotions to signs and symbolism that are attached to emotions.

You may see something in your dream that brings up emotions for you to process whether or not what you’re seeing in your dream is realistic or not. 

The Deeper Meanings Behind Dreams About Someone Stealing From You 

As mentioned above, your dreams have a mysterious way of showing you what needs to be healed within you.

Energies and emotions can become trapped if you don’t allow yourself time and space to feel, release, and heal through them.

You may have disruptive dreams that bring up the emotions that you need to face. 

Dreaming of Someone Stealing Your Car 

If you’ve recently had a dream about someone stealing a large possession of yours from you, like a car, there could be multiple hidden meanings in this dream.

The details of your dream matter a lot in this scenario. 

If the car that was stolen from you was your dream car, this could mean that you feel like a piece of you is being taken or suppressed by someone else.

This could be especially true if your dream car was accented just the way you’ve always imagined. 

For instance, if you had your customized from the color to the rims and sound system, this could be alluding to how you truly feel about yourself or how you want yourself to be perceived.

If someone takes that away from you, the feeling of not being able to express your true self may be coming to the surface. 

Did you happen to see who committed the crime in the dream?

If you know the person who stole your car in your dream, this could mean that you know inside who is making you feel this way in your waking life. 

Dreaming That You Are Actually Stealing From Someone Else 

When you had a dream about stealing, were you actually the thief?

While you may never do something like that in your real life, this dream could mean something more than you have the capacity to take from someone else in your waking life. 

Depending on the details of your dream, you could be being shown that you don’t feel like you have the tools, resources, or knowledge that someone else has to accomplish your deepest desires.

You may find yourself feeling jealous or operating from a place of lack if you have this type of dream. 

In your waking life, it may be time to reflect on what you truly do have and how you can get to a place where you can reach your goals.

If you do need assistance, this could be a sign to ask for help rather than just taking from someone else.

Most times when someone is stolen from, they usually say something along the lines of, “If they would have just asked, I might have said yes.” 

The worst thing that could happen when you ask for help is someone denies it, but that just means that there is another way to get to where you’re trying to be.

It may be time to rely on your network and critical thinking skills to work your way out of a problem or to reach your goals rather than taking the “easy” route or not putting your pride aside. 

Dreaming of Shoplifting In a Popular Store 

While many people have dreams about stealing, dreams about shoplifting are the most popular.

You may not be someone who has the urge to take from other people or even big corporations, so this could be alluding to something deeper going on internally within you. 

If you dreamt of stealing lots of things from a major department store or a high-end outlet, this could mean that you have very high standards for yourself.

However, you may not feel that you are able to attain these nice things.

There are lots of feelings and emotions to unpack here when it comes to dreams about shoplifting. 

There could be a deeper meaning to your dream if you actually get caught shoplifting.

If you end up being chased by security or the police, this could mean that you’re running from something in your waking life.

Again, it’s important to pay attention to the details of your dreams because they could tell you more about what you’re feeling inside than you originally thought. 

Dreaming of Someone Stealing From You In Your Own Home 

Inviting anyone to your home creates a certain vulnerability that anyone would expect to be respected.

Not only are you intermingling your energies with one another, but you expect the other person to understand that your home should be your peace.

Anything within it belongs to you and contributes towards that peace and happiness that you’ve tried to cultivate. 

Some of our most personal belongings reside in your home.

Not to mention some of the most expensive things that you may have worked hard to obtain.

In the case that you have a dream about someone stealing directly from you in your own home, you may feel betrayed.

This could cause you to question the intentions of those around you. 

If you find that this message resonates with you (or at least the feelings that are associated with the dream), you may have a problem with trusting people around you.

It could be possible that you think that many people have ulterior motives or don’t consider what’s best for you. 

This type of dream could also be alluding to a heart chakra blockage, or your ability to connect to others around you in a genuine, loving way.

Trust issues may arise in your waking life that you need to work through.

If you genuinely feel that the people you’re surrounding yourself with do not have your best interest in mind, it may be time to seek out different connections that you can trust. 

Dreaming of Someone Stealing From Your Parents

If there is anyone that you consider to be close to you, it would be the people that brought you into this world.

If you have a dream that someone is stealing from your loved ones, especially your parents, you could be shown that you feel that you need to be on guard for your family. 

No one likes to have things taken from them, but you may feel even more ignited seeing people that you care about being taken advantage of.

If you have a dream that someone is taking from either your mom or dad, this could mean that in your waking life, you may need to keep an eye out for the people that you love. 

Are they considering signing a big contract?

Are they doing business with new people that you need to be around?

It may be time to politely insert yourself to make sure that they are doing business with people who are fair.

You may have an opportunity to save them from being taken from unjustly. 

Have You Had Dream Experiences About Being Stolen From?

Everyone’s minds work differently, so you may have had a completely unique experience that revealed something different to you.

If you’ve had a dream that showed you something new than what’s explained above, please share your dream experiences in the comments below! 

Taking the time to share what you may have learned from a dream about being stolen from could really help someone else on their spiritual journey.

We can’t wait to hear where your wildest dreams have taken you while you rest! 

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