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Everyone loves to have a beautiful, gleaming smile…

But not everyone likes to see teeth in their dreams.

They might not show up as the sparkly whites that you are trying to achieve in your waking life.

In fact, many people have frightening dreams about losing their teeth or facing that scary dentist appointment that they’ve been avoiding. 

If you’ve recently had a dream about teeth, this article is for you!

Your subconscious mind may be trying to use symbolism for much deeper emotional or spiritual messages that need to be shown to you.

When you’re sleeping, your logical mind finally takes a break, which allows so many metaphorical and metaphysical messages to be shared with you — well, if you can interpret them. 

What Do Teeth Represent Spiritually?

Did you know that every zodiac sign is connected to a different part of the body?

Astrology is deeply connected to many facets of life, including the physical body.

Starting with Aries as the first sign, the ram is connected to the head.

Then, as the zodiac progresses down the body, different body parts are connected. 

The sign that’s connected to the entire skeletal system is Capricorn.

Teeth are an integral part of the skeletal system and they help support other parts of the digestive system as well.

Teeth provide structure, just like Capricornian energy.

They are there for the long term and help other parts of the body function.

This tells us that teeth have a lot to do with stability, structure, longevity, and security. 

What Are The Most Common Types of Teeth Dreams?

There are many types of dreams that include teeth.

The most common dreams that have been reported have been about teeth falling out, but there are many more to explore.

Hopefully, you find similarities to these teeth dreams with yours to help you understand the deeper meaning of your dreams. 

Teeth Falling Out in Your Dream 

As mentioned above, teeth falling out in a dream is the most commonly shared dream.

Although it might be a shared type of dream, the meaning may not always be the same for everyone.

There are several different ways to interpret this type of dream and you can usually tell more about your individual dream by the feeling that you had in your dream. 

Just above, we discussed that teeth are a symbol for structure, security, and are connected to an earth sign in astrology, which is all about being grounded.

To be grounded is to be present and feel safe exactly where you are. 

Many times when people have dreams of their teeth falling out, it’s related to anxiety that they are experiencing in their waking life.

It could also be related to the feeling of getting older.

Both of these ideas are connected to worrying too much about the future and not focusing on the present moment. 

Teeth are also an integral part of how humans survive — they help us to eat and sustain our bodies!

If you have a dream of your teeth falling out, you could be feeling like you don’t have control over your life or what you’re doing isn’t sustainable.

Again, it’s important to pay attention to how you felt when you envisioned your teeth falling out in your dream.

That can reveal a lot about where you are emotionally and how your subconscious mind is trying to communicate with you. 

Teeth Breaking in Your Dream 

While the most common dream of teeth is them falling out completely, there are some people who recall their teeth breaking into pieces in their dream.

Again, this isn’t the most pleasant dream, but it can be symbolic of something much bigger going on a subconscious level. 

If you’re focused on a big goal or if you’re in a major turning point in your life and you have a dream about your teeth breaking, this could indicate that you’re fearful of things just falling apart in your waking life.

You may be neglecting responsibilities and letting things fall apart, which can be frightening.

This could be a sign from your subconscious to be more diligent so that things do not continue to fall apart. 

Dreaming About Fake Teeth 

When you dream about fake teeth — whether they are yours or someone else’s — this could indicate that there is trickery going on in your waking life.

If the fake teeth in your dream were yours, you could be taking a dishonest approach to something and feeling bad about it on an emotional level. 

Or, if the false teeth were someone elses and you discovered that in your dream, this could indicate that they are lying to you about something.

It may be time to reevaluate the role that this person is playing in your life. 

Dreaming About the Perfect Smile 

If you happened to have a dream that you loved your smile, then you may be moving into a much more confident chapter in your life.

You’re proud of the structures you’ve built and the foundation that you’ve been putting together.

This could indicate that you’re ready to show off to others your hard work. 

Dreams About Losing a Single Tooth 

While the other dream interpretations listed above are about losing all your teeth or breaking your teeth, some have reported that they’ve had dreams about single teeth falling out.

This type of dream can be interpreted a little differently than the others. 

If your tooth is just a little loose and wiggly, this could indicate a small fear brewing that you’re about to lose something.

You still have said thing, but there is fear or an energy of lack surrounding that thing.

This could be a warning from your subconscious to take action so that you don’t feel that way or secure that thing you’re scared of losing in your life. 

Rotting Teeth in Your Dreams 

Anything rotting is not a good sign in the waking world or in the dream world.

This means that something is slowly decaying and on its way to dying.

If you dream that you have rotting teeth, there could be a slow demise of something on the horizon.

This is usually a warning from your subconscious to consciously release the thing that is making you feel this way, just as you would pull a rotting tooth out to solve the problem. 

How To Take Your Dream Interpretations Further 

We’ve mentioned a couple of times that the feelings you have in your dreams tell you a lot about where you are on an emotional and spiritual scale as well as the symbolism in your dreams.

Here are some of the most commonly reported feelings associated with dreams that include teeth. 


If you feel uneasy when you see teeth in our dream (especially if it’s concerning someone else’s false teeth or yours), this could indicate that you’re picking up on someone lying.

When something just doesn’t sit right with you — whether it’s in the dream world or the waking world — it’s important to listen to that intuitive feeling.

Most times when you ignore it, you end up regretting not trusting your gut feeling. 

Lack or Scarcity 

There have been plenty of cultures that interpret teeth dreams as dreams that have to do with your ability to attract money and abundance in all forms.

Again, connecting teeth back to the feeling of safety, security, and groundedness is something that is correlated to money in the waking world.

If you have dreams about losing teeth, breaking teeth, or loose teeth, this could indicate that you’re operating in a low vibration of lack rather than attracting more abundance in your life. 


Since teeth are connected to the stability and structure of our bodies (the skeletal system), this is symbolic of how you could be feeling regretful of not tending to the things that provide structure in your life.

The feeling of guilt, shame, and regret could show up in your dream, which is something to pay attention to when trying to interpret your dreams. 

Questions to Ask When Interpreting Your Dreams 

The dream realm is one of the most mysterious places to try to understand.

However, there are a lot of great messages that your subconscious mind tries to send to you when you’re sleeping. 

The conscious mind has boundaries that are finally let down when you take time to rest, so the subconscious mind connects the dots between your emotions, memories, and current state.

Here are some questions to ask yourself next time you wake up from a dream about teeth:

  • How did your dream make you feel?
  • Are there any other details of the dream that stand out to you?
  • Which relevant events in your life are taking place right now?
  • Was anyone else involved in your dream?

Answering these questions along with jotting down all of the details that you can remember when you first rise is the best way to decode the messages your dreams may be trying to send you. 

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