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One of the most majestic beauties that nature blesses us with are the trees that surround us.

They breathe life into us, teach us so many important lessons about the world we live in, and provide us a living example of grace and serenity. 

There is definitely a bigger reason as to why trees may be showing up in your dreams, especially if you keep having the same repeated dream.

In this post, we’re going to explore the different meanings and lessons that the trees may be trying to teach you in the astral realm. 

Deeper Symbolism to Trees 

For the most part, trees represent really positive things in life.

They teach us about time, patience, and prosperity just among a few things.

To better understand what a tree in your dream may be trying to show you, study the way of the tree, types of trees, and trees in their natural habitat. 

From the very first moment a tree starts to grow, it’s buried deep into the dark, moist soil.

This shows us that even the smallest seed can grow into the biggest, strongest, stable trees like the towering Sequoia trees or massive Redwoods.

However, it does take time — eons even!

Trees have been around even before our modern knowledge of humans, showing us that there is always the process of growth happening all around us that may last for years to come. 

The planting of a tree’s seed also shows us the process of nurturing until the fruits bear on the tree.

If you have a grandiose idea that you would like to see come to life, you must be patient and take the necessary steps to bring that vision to full fruition. 

If you find yourself being impatient, think about what would happen if someone dug up the seed of the tree they planned to grow everytime doubt crossed their mind.

There would be no trees in the future!

Not to mention the fruits that would have been available to them or the people and animals that would follow them and greatly benefit from the tree down the line. 

The growth process of the tree also shows us that it doesn’t just take a magnificent idea (or seed) to bring it to life.

Trees rely on the elements around them to help nurture and bring it to life.

There is a natural rhythm to life that trees are naturally in sync with. 

Trees require the nutrition found in the soil that’s provided by the animals and other plants around it.

As the roots begin to sprout in the soil, they become grounded and stable in their growth process.

They also require water which can be representative of energy and emotions.

Not to mention when they start to peak through the dirt, they also participate in a natural give and take of the air around them, which we call photosynthesis. 

Photosynthesis is technically how a plant breathes and nourishes itself.

While other animals in nature (including humans) breathe out carbon dioxide as it’s toxic for them, trees feed on that and exhale purities for us to breathe in clean air.

There is always a natural energetic exchange that keeps the Universe balanced. 

Common Dreams About Trees and What They Mean 

There are many ways that trees can show up in your dreams to teach you about your waking life.

When you drift off to sleep and enter the dream realm, your mind finally lets down it’s barriers that are ruled completely by logic.

You may see odd images, unusual occurrences, and feel your emotions much more deeply in the dream realm because it’s run by your subconscious mind.

This is where all your visuals and suppressed emotions are stored until you have a “safe space” to explore them. 

The dream realm is safe for you to heal through emotional traumas and suppressed feelings without taking all of that baggage into your conscious, waking reality.

Here are some of the most common dreams about trees that have been documented and what they mean. 

Dreaming About The Trunk of a Tree 

As explained above, the roots of trees can teach us so much about life and the journey through it all.

When a seed finally begins to sprout and break through the dirt, it starts off as a nimble stem that could be easily crushed given any circumstance. 

However, as it continues to grow, become stronger, and adapt to its surroundings, it develops a strong trunk that holds the tree stable forever — even if the tree were to be chopped down.

The trunk of a tree can be huge depending on what type of tree it is.

It’s sturdy as it’s developed layers and layers of wood and bark to create its foundation.

Even other animals recognize the trunk of a tree for its dependability and stability, creating safe havens and homes around and throughout trees. 

If you have a dream about the trunk of a tree, you could be reflecting on the past, present, and future.

As you interacted with the tree in your dream, did you notice any important details?

For instance, did you see a chopped tree trunk that exposed the many years of layers that the tree had been there? 

If so, this could mean that you are reminiscing about the past and how far you’ve come.

This dream could be a gentle reminder that you’re doing great at building a sturdy foundation that will last for years to come! 

Dreaming About Looking Up At Tree Branches 

If you’ve ever walked into a towering forest, you may be mesmerized by the many branches that hang above you.

They seem to intermingle with one another, not knowing where one starts and another limb from a tree ends. 

This type of dream is quite refreshing as it’s a symbol for keeping your head in the clouds.

Your subconscious could be reminding you to keep working towards big goals of yours.

Furthermore, it could mean that just as the tree branches reach out and touch one another to create a full forest, you may need to reach out to those around you to accomplish your wildest desires.

This could also be a sign that it’s time to start building a community of like-minded people. 

Dreaming of a Tree Weathering The Storm 

If you’ve recently had a dream about witnessing a tree in the middle of a storm, you’ll notice how resilient they truly are.

No matter what type of weather the tree may be in, they usually are able to survive it — rain, snow, or sleet! 

This is a message directly from your higher self visiting you in your dreams.

This is a visual of some of your strongest qualities, showing you that you can face any situation with strength and grace.

After it all, you will make it through and still continue to grow and nourish yourself as well as those around you! 

Dreaming of Leaves Falling 

If you’ve recently had a dream about the seasons changing, this could be a literal message that you yourself are going through immense changes.

Watching the trees change and adapt to the natural cycles of the earth can tell you a lot about what it means to transform internally and externally. 

Naturally, when fall comes around, the trees shed their leaves and become bare for the winter.

They naturally understand that the leaves and fruits would not survive the harsh cold, so they naturally adapt.

However, when the sun provides them the life force energy that they need to keep producing, more life sprouts upon their branches and bears new fruits. 

This is very symbolic to different seasons in people’s lives, too.

If you are having this dream and you’ve been feeling a shift happening, this is your confirmation to let anything that no longer serves you go. It’s time to prepare for the next harvest of abundance! 

Dreaming of The Roots Beneath The Ground 

If you had a dream about what’s going on beneath the surface of a tree, this could hold a very important message about getting grounded in your reality.

Trees provide an excellent example of just how many roots require that massive growth on the outside.

The big thick roots and thin tiny ones matter equally, providing stability for the tree to continue living. 

This dream may mean that it’s time to evaluate what makes you feel stable and secure in your life.

Or, if you’re feeling unbalanced in your life, this dream could call into question what is making you feel insecure. 

What Have Your Dreams Shown You?

If you’ve recently had a dream about trees that was not mentioned above, please leave your wildest dream experiences in the comments below.

The dream realm may reveal different messages for everyone, so sharing your dreams could help connect the figurative dots of the subconscious with the logical consciousness and provide deep healing for someone else! 

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