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Have you ever dreamed about someone who is dead and wondered what that means? Maybe you thought that they were trying to communicate with you.

This is called a visitation dream, and it is actually quite common. Often, people are dreaming about dead relatives, but there are other variations of it as well.

You may dream of a dead person coming back to life or just generally dreaming about people who have passed on. Whatever sort of visitation dreams you’re having, we’re here to help you interpret the dream death meaning of seeing those who’ve  passed away.

Though it’s not something that people talk about that often, having conversations with dead people in your dreams is completely normal. A couple of years after my grandma passed away, I had a dream where I was sitting across the table from her having a conversation.

Sadly, when I woke up I couldn’t really remember what we talked about, but it felt so important. You might be experiencing the same thing with your dreams.

What Are Visitation Dreams?

If you’re new to these types of dreams, a visitation dream is simply a dream that features a dead person, often a loved one or relative. And in this type of dream, you’re often talking and interacting with the person who has passed on as if they were still alive.

It doesn’t have to be a person in your dream. In fact, plenty of people have had dreams featuring their dead pets.

And if your experience with visitation dreams is anything like mine, then they leave a lasting impression on you. I can still visualize that dream with my dead grandma and see her sitting across from me at that table.

Visitation Dreams vs Release Dreams

If you’re familiar with the different types of dreams you can have, then you might be curious how a visitation dream is different from a release dream. Well, release dreams are the dreams we have when we are trying to work out the solution to a problem.

So basically, during our waking life we have accumulated experience and knowledge (and likely lots of questions) that we cannot make sense of during the day. So, when we fall asleep our subconscious sets to work on making sense of all that date and sensory input.

The result is a release dream. Sometimes the symbolism in release dreams can leave you feeling confused upon waking as you try to interpret it.

As you can see, this differs from a visitation dream where you’re talking with a dead person who may be trying to give you a message.

You can have a release dream with someone who has passed away in the dream when you are trying to process that death or when you’re dealing with that grief. That is completely natural.

Can Our Deceased Loved Ones Really Communicate To Us Through Dreams?

If you’ve had a visitation dream where you’re talking with someone who has passed away in your waking life, then you might be wondering if visitation dreams are real. Can the dead actually talk to us through our dreams?

Unfortunately, there is no proven scientific answer to this question. However, based on my own experiences, I am inclined to believe that we are communicating with the dead and it’s not merely our subconscious manifesting these people.

Sure, part of visitation dreams are all about your own feelings and emotions in relation to the person who has passed on, but I also don’t think that we can discount them appearing to us in our dreams. Personally, I feel that anything is possible.

How To Know If You’ve Had A Visitation Dream

Did you know that you can dream about someone who is dead, but it might not be a visitation dream? Luckily there are a few signs and ways to know if you’ve just experienced a visitation dream or not.

1. The person is alive and seemingly well

The key characteristic of a visitation dream is that the person in the dream is dead in your waking life, but seems to be alive and well in the dream. In my experience, the person is smiling and happy, just like when they were alive in the real world.

I’ve never dreamed of someone who has passed away without them being happy in my dreams. If you are dreaming of dead people who are unhappy or not well, then that is not a visitation dream and instead is related more to your grief of their passing.

2.  The details are vivid

Unlike most dreams, visitation dreams tend to be very vidid and detailed. I can clearly recall the color and feel of the wood table I sat across from my grandma at in my visitation dream.

I recall the steam coming from her cup of coffee, the smell of coffee in the room, and so on.

I am not normally a vivid dreamer, so this really stands out for me and may for you as well.

3. The sequence is logical

Sometimes when we dream, we go from one place to the next with no logical sequence at all. That is not true of visitation dreams.

Instead, visitation dreams tend to occur on a seemingly normal timeline where things occur in a logical order.

4. It feels real

Possibly the strangest thing about a visitation dream is how real it feels. And that is true for all the senses – from sight to touch.

This isn’t usually true for other types of dreams.

5. It feels warm and happy

Though the person you are dreaming of is dead, the overall feeling that the dream leaves you with is one of warmth and happiness. Even if you say nothing at all to each other, you still end up feeling good overall upon waking.

It almost feels like they just wanted to see you and love you – a feeling of love is really what you’re left with upon waking.

Are You Open To It? How To Have Visitation Dreams

If someone that you care about has died and you miss them dearly, then you may be interested in seeing them again in your dreams. While we cannot force ourselves to have visitation dreams, what we can do it create the perfect scenario for one to occur, should the spirits be willing.

You don’t need to be psychic or clairvoyant to experience a visitation dream – I’m certainly none of those things and I’ve had them!

To create the optimal setting for visitation dreams, you need to do what is called programming your dreams. Here’s how you do that:

  • Meditate before going to sleep each night.
  • Say affirmations that you are open to communication with this person.
  • Keep a dream journal

While those steps don’t guarantee that you’ll start having visitation dreams, they do make it more likely that it can happen for you.

Why You Might Not Have Visitation Dreams

If you’re trying to have visitation dreams to communicate with loved ones who have passed away, then you might be having some difficulties. If you’re not having the visitation dreams and wondering if something is wrong with you, then do not worry.

There is nothing wrong with you and it doesn’t mean that your deceased loved ones don’t want to communicate with you.

Sometimes people who have passed on are unable to communicate with the living, even if they want to do so. It’s also possible that the person passed on quickly and is no longer accessible on the spiritual plane.

There are lots of factors as to why a deceased loved one might not be communicating with you, but it has nothing to do with you. But it may be for the best because not all spirits are capable of giving us the guidance that we need and desire.

Have you had a deceased person appear in your dreams? Do you have questions about it? Do you have a visitation dream interpretation or meaning that we don’t have and you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I have dreams of someone who died but yet I do not know the man. Never met him. My favorite wrestler ever. Always loved him. He died peacefully in his sleep from an illness. My dreams consist of he and I being together. No intimacy but very emotional. I really need to find someone to talk this dream over with. It left me very emotional.

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