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Have you recently had a dream where you or a friend of yours were succumbed by a large body of water?

Or, maybe you had a more relaxing dream about swimming in a pool with one of your close friends.

Either way, dreams about water can hold a lot of different meanings depending on how you choose to interpret it.

Water is one of the most beautiful elements that we have available to us.

It can make it difficult to interpret the different types of meanings that could be coming through your dreams when you have these visions of water, but that’s what makes these types of dreams so fascinating!

In this post, we are going to be covering the different meanings that water can hold, the symbolism that water might bring into your dreams, and what that may mean for you if you keep having dreams like these.

What does it mean to dream of water?

There are so many different ways that we see water in our day-to-day lives that it could hold a very realistic meaning or it could hold a very symbolic meaning.

Depending on your dream, water can show up as a negative influence or a positive influence in your dream.

Don’t discount any possibility and try to pay more attention to how water shows up in your dream and the other symbols used in conjunction with it to find the best interpretation.

First, let’s consider the type of water that you have in your dream and some of the most simple meanings of water so that you can gain more insight.

Many spiritualists revert back to studying nature to understand very complex ideas about life.

In astrology, tarot, and other healing modalities, water usually symbolizes emotions and sensitivity.

If you notice, both of these things are very fluid… just like water.


Many people don’t start to develop emotional intelligence until they reach a certain age because of the way that society has set things up.

Emotional intelligence isn’t something that we study in school, it’s usually something that we learn through life experience.

It makes sense as to why a lot of people don’t realize that emotions are nothing more than just energy in motion.

With that being said, it makes sense as to why emotions are linked to water just as they ebb and flow like the waves in the ocean.

Or, they can run rampant like a wild river.

Sometimes your dream that includes a lot of water can symbolize how your emotions are playing out in your real life.

Deeper Meaning to Life

Our bodies are made of majority water. Essentially water is life.

Just think about the very start of your life within your mothers womb— you began by being surrounded by water.

It makes a lot of sense that we would see water to represent the whole idea of life in our dreams and in our reality.

This can even mean that your dream about water could be associated with bringing in a new life, like pregnancy and childbirth.

Spiritual Tool

It’s no coincidence that many religions use “holy water” in many practices and rituals.

Water has been known to have many cleansing qualities that help us heal and move onto the next phase of our life.

There are many ancient myths that also tell the tale that water has a very close connection to other realms that people explore when they get deep  into their spiritual journey.

Cleansing and Renewal

As mentioned above, we often associate water with a way to bathe and rinse away lingering unfavorable energies.

It’s representative of our ability to become renewed after a transformation.

Just think about how water acts throughout the weather.

Water can steam, it can freeze, or even evaporate into fog.


We touched on this above, but water shows us a lot about motion and energy in the way that it moves as well.

If you study the waves, the way that a river flows, or how it can even remain stagnant in a swamp, water dreams can tell you a lot about how you’re handling your emotions.

It’s also interesting how people have learned to use water to actually generate energy.

This means that water can symbolize energy in our dreams.

It’s not surprising that we call a large body of water moving a current just like we call a flow of electricity and electrical current.


This idea about water is a little less known, but many people associate water with abundance.

Just think about what is needed in order to grow something.

You have to be able to nurture and water it.

In order to create anything sustainable it needs water.

So when you’re dreaming about water, it could be connected to the necessity of it in order to nurture and bring about new prosperity in your life.

Sometimes water is more precious and valuable than even money or what we would consider to be abundant in our reality.

If you’re looking to prosper, do so when you’re dreaming about water, it could be connected to the necessity of it in order to nurture and bring about new prosperity in your life.

Sometimes water is more precious and valuable than even money or what we would consider to be abundant in our reality.

If you’re looking to prosper, you need water.

What are some of the most common dreams that people have about water?

Water can show up in your dreams in so many different ways.

We’ve talked to many different people about the various ways that water shows up in their dreams and here are some of the most common themes that we’ve found.

Bathing or Showering

Have you ever had a dream where you’re actually in the shower?

Or maybe you pictured yourself relaxing in a bath.

If you’ve recently had a dream of either of these scenarios it could be a message from your subconscious about the need to cleanse energetically.

There is such a thing as a spiritual bath where you can include bath salts, herbs, and even oils into your bath to help with energy cleansing.

If this part of your dream sticks out to you, it may be time to show yourself more self-care and plan a relaxing spiritual bath to cleanse your mind, body, and soul.

Small Creek or Stream of Water

If you see a small creek in your dream, this could be a symbol of motion that we talked about earlier.

This could also be representative of your subconscious or your conscious mind… Literally showing you an interpretation of your stream of consciousness.

It may be helpful to pay attention to whether or not the creek is flowing heavily because this could end up feeling overwhelmed.

Or on the other hand, if your creek seems to be a bit dry or stagnant it could indicate the feeling of disappointment or not having enough energy to get things flowing in motion.


Rivers are also symbolic of motion.

This could be indicating your ability to release control if you see something blocking the path of the river or interrupting its flow.

Or, if you’re dreaming that you’re being taken over by a river or drowning, again this could mean that you feel a little overwhelmed currently.

Be sure to know where the river is located in your dream.

Do you see the river in a wild forest-like setting? Or is it in a much more dry place like a desert?

The feelings associated with where you are in your dream can also tell you a lot about what the water symbolizes within your dream.

For instance if the river is in a desert, do you feel helpless, lost, or thirsty/desperate?

These are important things to know when trying to interpret your dreams.


Dreaming of the ocean can hold a lot of different messages.

If you’re just reviewing the ocean from afar and your dream, you could be observing your emotions and play and watching the motion of the ocean.

If you are alone or lost at sea, this could be indicating how you feel in your current life… possibly overcome by your emotions and not sure how to handle them.

Maybe you’re in the ocean on a boat.

Who is all with you? Are they familiar to you?

The other people, objects, and other details about your dream can tell you a lot about your overall dreams’ meaning.


If you’re dreaming of rain, there could be a lot of different meetings here as well.

If you’re within a house and observing the rain falling down on a window, try to recall the feelings that you had within your dream.

Some people really enjoy those gloomy rainy days because they symbolize a slow break in their lives.

Other people may be overwhelmed by sadness and this could be portrayed in their dream about rain.

Is the rain in your dream calm or is it an uncontrollable storm?

Is there thunder and lightning as well?

These are all things to consider when unraveling the deeper meaning of your water dream.

Well water has the reputation of being calming, cleansing, and healing, it also has a destructive factor that should not be ignored.

Frozen Water or Ice

Water has the ability to transform, just like you. If you’re dreaming of frozen water or huge blocks of ice like an iceberg, this could symbolize an emotional blockage.

Water in its natural state (meaning not affected by the changes of weather or blocked or contained), is supposed to flow.

That does not mean that ice is a bad thing, but your subconscious could be warning you that there are some emotional blockages that you may need to melt.


If you have a dream of being underwater this could symbolize you exploring deeper levels of yourself.

Think about the ocean and all of the mysteries that it  holds.

Your subconscious could be represented by the large body of water that you are attempting to dive deeper into.

Many times going deep underwater could mean that you have other things going on beneath the surface.

How to interpret your dream about water?

We can help you understand deeper meanings of our water, but the best person to interpret your unique dream is you.

You’re the best person to understand what symbols stick out to you, the feelings that you felt within your dream, and you’re the only one who knows how your mind works.

We highly recommend keeping a dream journal near your bedside to jot down the most memorable things about your dream.

Right as you wake up is the best time to do this because the details will be fresh before the other thoughts, worries, or tasks start to take over your mind.

You will be surprised by how far this small stuff can take you and understanding your dreams about water.

Do you have any dream experiences with water that we did not cover?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

We would love to hear about where your mind wanders while you’re sleeping!

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