dreaming about a wedding

Dreaming of white doves, your beautiful partner meeting you at the end of the isle, and all of your family and friends witnessing the deepest confession of love?

Having a dream about a wedding could be a sign that your deepest desires of romance, loyalty, and contractual agreements are coming to fruition in your reality…or it could mean something completely different. 

The dream realm is interesting, always presenting a new and abstract way to interpret the signs and symbolism being shown to you.

Within the astral world, the boundaries of our physical experience seem to dissipate, inviting you to rethink every experience you may feel and see while you’re sleeping.

There is a deeper meaning to everything.

This article will help you explore what the true meaning to your dream about weddings may be all about. 

The Most Common Meanings Behind Dreams About Getting Married 

While you may be excited to wake up to the vision of you and the love of your life joining forces forever, this may not really be a literal interpretation of your dream about having a wedding.

Weddings represent many different things in this life — not all of it has to do with the fantasy of life long love. 

You’re Ready for a Deeper Commitment 

If you’ve recently had a dream about getting married, you may be ready to commit to something outside of yourself.

Yes, this could definitely be a relationship that you’ve been working towards building if that resonates for you.

However, if you’re not currently in a long-term relationship, you could be curious as to why you’re hearing wedding bells in your dreams.

If you’re not dating at the moment, this dream could be a sign that you’re ready to commit to something else.

This could apply to your career, your creative projects, or even a big move that you’re trying to make.

If you’ve been debating whether or not to dedicate more time and energy to a certain aspect of your life, this dream could be a sign that you should take the next necessary steps to solidify those things in your reality. 

You May Be Coming Into a Divine Partnership 

Soulmates and divine partnerships aren’t always limited to romantic relationships.

There are many souls that you may cross paths with that stimulate something within you.

Have you ever met someone that just naturally felt “familiar?”

This is a soul connection that you have with them! 

Whether it’s romantic or platonic, there is still a level of chemistry that is there for a reason.

This chemistry can be magnetic, making it hard for your heart and soul to ignore the realization that this person needs to be a part of your life.

This dream could be an omen that someone important is making their way into your life. 

You get to decide if that connection should be explored in a serious way or completely kept on a friendship level.

Sometimes the magnetism between you and another could simply be because you are meant to create something magnificent together.

It doesn’t always mean that they have to be lovers in your life. 

You’re Ready to Sacrifice For Another 

In other occult studies like astrology and tarot, the Lovers card represents both the sign of Gemini and is usually depicted as two naked people with cupid above them.

There are other details about this card that are important, but the main theme here is that Gemini is the only zodiac sign that is represented by “the twins,” or some may call them “twin flames.” 

This is described as an undeniable connection between you and another person — as if that other person completes your other half that you’ve been searching for.

To go deeper, the Lovers card in tarot is a part of the Major Arcana, which describes major life hurdles that we all experience. 

In this case, the Hero (represented as the man on the Lovers card) comes to a fork in the road on his journey when he meets his twin flame.

He knows instinctively one truth and one truth only: that he loves her deeply and would regret living without her. 

However, he has a choice. He does not have to take her on this journey with him.

Love is a choice, just as choosing to marry someone in your dream is a choice.

You’re willing to sacrifice bits about yourself, your schedule, and other aspects of your life to make room for love to come into your life. 

This dream may just be a sign that you’re ready to actually make sacrifices and compromise to allow true love — love that resonates on a soul level — into your life. 

The Most Common Dream Occurrences About Weddings 

There are many people who experience dreams about weddings, but there may be small differences in the details of the dream depending on what’s going on in our subconscious mind. 

The subconscious mind is what stores all of your unprocessed emotions, symbolism that’s been picked up throughout your daily life, and triggers that may show up in your dreams.

This is by divine design as the dream world is a “safe place” for you to face some of your most intense emotions without overthinking them in your waking life. 

Here are some of the most common dream occurrences that people have reported and what they may mean for you. 

Dreaming of Marrying a Coworker or Your Boss 

As mentioned above, you may be ready for a higher level of commitment if you’re having a dream about a wedding.

Adding in the detail about marrying someone from your job often means a level of commitment to your work or career specifically. 

This may be especially true if you find that you’ve really been falling in love with your job. 

If you’re desiring job security, it may be time to propose to your boss about taking on more responsibilities or a pay raise — pun intended!

This type of dream is a good sign that you’re on the right path with your career. 

Dreaming of Marrying a Close Family Member 

While this may not be socially acceptable, don’t freak out!

This dream does not mean that you’ll actually have any chance of marrying a family member in the future! 

Oftentimes, whichever family member shows up in a dream is only there to give you some hint at what you may actually be looking for in a partner.

For instance, if you find yourself marrying one of your parents in your dream, you may be attracted to people who have similar qualities because they make you feel comfortable and supported. 

These types of dreams invite you to dive a little deeper to understand how you feel about the person showing up in your dream.

Say you actually have a very difficult relationship with your mother or hardly speak.

You may need to evaluate the types of partners that you invite into your life because they could mirror aspects of your mother’s relationship with you that are unhealthy and need healing. 

Dreaming of Participating in a Wedding as a Guest

If you are at a wedding as a guest in your dream, this may mean you are feeling like a spectator in some aspect of your life.

While you’re supporting the other couple during their ceremony, how were you feeling?

Did you genuinely feel happy for them or did a feeling of envy or loss of control of your life loom over you?

It’s also important to pay attention to the other details of your dream, too.

Who were the people  getting married? What type of role do they play in your daily life?

Taking your dream interpretation a step deeper will help you get to the real meaning behind your dreams and why they show up for you. 

If you’ve ever experienced other dreams or specific details about weddings, drop your comments below!

It’s important to share these experiences with others as they could help someone else along their healing journey! 

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