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Have you ever woken up in a cold sweat because you were being chased by the undead in your dream?!

Your dream could have been even worse if when you were trying to run away, you seemed to be running in slow motion. 

The dream world has a way of doing that…making the inconceivable possible… even when it’s completely frightening! 

That’s because the dream realm is quite literally another dimension that our spiritual bodies are able to travel into.

Many times, signs and symbolism come through much more vividly in our dreams because the logical mind is finally shut down, meaning your conscious barriers are down.

This allows for many more surprising (sometimes frightening) dreams to make their way to you. 

The good thing is that even when you have a scary dream like fighting zombies, it’s highly unlikely that your dreams are premonitions.

If you recently had a dream about a zombie apocalypse, your subconscious mind may be trying to send you some important information.

In this post, we will be covering zombie dream interpretations so that you can figure out what your dream was trying to tell you! 

Zombie Attack Dream Meaning 

There have been plenty of studies on sleep and the brain activity that goes on when your mind is supposed to be “at rest.”

There are plenty of active parts of the brain that light up at night, but mainly the hippocampus part of the brain which is in charge of the imagination, remembering, and stores subconscious emotions. 

This indicates to us that when you have a frightening dream, it may be linked to stored emotions and your subconscious mind may bring up a frightening image to match that stored emotion, revealing your true emotional state to the conscious mind.

If you’ve recently watched a zombie movie and have been dealing with other external stressors, you may just have had a dream about a zombie attack! 

It can be helpful to explore what you think a zombie means to understand why they would show themselves in your dream.

Most people see zombies as deceased people with an insatiable hunger to eat other humans. 

Or, you may have even joked with coworkers that before you’ve had your morning cup of coffee that you may act like a zombie.

The correlation here is the mindless, unconscious behavior and disconnect to your human, conscious mind that allows you choice and the freedom of free will. 


No matter which zombie movie that you’ve watched in the past or even thriller novels that detail zombie attacks, there is a commonality: zombies are deceased humans that are detached from their ability to be human. 

Once the person passes and they transform into the zombie character, that person loses all their ability to remember who you are and just lusts for flesh and blood.

There is a lack of empathy there, emotion, spirit, and the conscious mind that helps us to make the best decisions for us and the people around us.

The heart-wrenching part of zombie movies usually are centered around someone the main character loves turning into a zombie and that person losing any chance of having a healthy, loving, relationship.

In fact, it ends in utter disaster! 

If you had a dream about zombies (especially if one of your loved ones happened to turn into a zombie in your dream), you may be feeling disconnected from them.

Your dreams could be suggesting it’s time to review how your relationship is making you feel, the connection between you both (or lack thereof), and how to repair it before it’s too far gone. 

If you’ve ever felt detached from the people around you, you could be experiencing some deeply seeded emotions like depression or anxiety.

In the case that you feel like you’re having a hard time nurturing connections around you, don’t be afraid to ask others for help or get the professional mental health help that you need. 

Everyone deserves to feel wanted, connected, and celebrated! That’s the beauty of being a human.

Your dreams may be trying to shine light on a shadowy part of yourself that needs healing. 

Death and Transformation 

When you think about how a zombie comes to be, they have completely transformed from what they once were.

At one point, they were a living, loving, empathetic, conscious human being with an entire life and social circle.

After their death, they totally transformed into what most of us would consider a monster. 

The process of death, dying, and transformation could be something that your subconscious mind is trying to highlight for you.

Even though the depiction of this transformation in your dream may be gruesome and less than enjoyable to emotionally experience, that may be how you’re actually feeling about your own personal transformation. 

Are you resisting major changes that are coming into your life?

Are you fearful of what’s to come if you do move forward with certain changes that might take place? 

Your dreams may be telling you that this change is as inevitable as death and dying in the waking world, but you don’t have to be fearful of it.

Through the personal transformation, you will come out much more alive than disconnected or dead from the inside.

The cycle of death and transformation is something that everyone has to deal with and it always provides better outcomes when you lean into it rather than resisting. 

Overly Stressed and Anxious 

In times of overwhelm, you could feel like everyone is out to get you.

The responsibilities that are on your shoulders could feel heavy.

Or, you could feel like you’re trying to get ahead of them, but you can’t seem to move fast enough just like a dream where you’re running in slow motion away from a zombie attack. 

Many people don’t realize how much stress and anxiety affects the body and your brain function.

Overall, your health can become compromised if you’re not handling your stress well.

Dreaming of a zombie attack — especially when it’s you versus a whole flock of zombies — could indicate that you feel like everyone is against you and that you don’t have the help you need to handle your stresses. 

If in your dream you find a way to break free from the zombie attack, this could be a sign from the dream realm that you need to find a way to break free from the stresses of your life so that you can give your mind, body, and soul a minute to regroup and relax. 

What Does It Mean To Dream That You’re a Zombie? 

Most of the dream interpretations above are about being attacked by zombies (which is the most common type of zombie dream).

However, some people have reported that they have had dreams of becoming a zombie themselves.

This could mean something completely different than the dream interpretations above. 

This type of dream most likely indicates that you yourself are going through a transformation.

If you’re not feeling the best about the changes that you need to make, you may be associating painful, sad, or stressful feelings with this transformation.

You may even feel like you’re becoming someone completely different than who you used to be.

This could indicate that you feel detached from those around you and may be resisting this next phase in your life. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Killing a Zombie? 

Despite how violent the act may play out in your dream, taking down a zombie in your dream is actually a very positive thing.

This could indicate that you’re conquering your fears or overcoming a stressful part of your life. 

Think about how much adrenaline you may have felt in your dream and the courage it took to face something so terrifying.

Your subconscious mind may be showing you your inner strength and inviting you to tap into that in your conscious waking life.

Whether you’re facing a fear or just trying to accomplish a big goal that’s been stressing you out, your dreams may be telling you that you’re on the right track. 

Dream Interpretation Varies for Everyone 

The best way to understand your dreams is to turn inward and study yourself and your emotional world.

Many times, our dreams are speaking to us in ways that we would never logically imagine.

Dreams are connected to the imagination, emotion, and boundless side of ourselves. 

To get to know that side of yourself better, try keeping a dream journal by your bed.

The first moments you rise is probably the best time to jot down what you can remember from your dream and study it later.

You’ll be surprised at what messages your dreams are sending you! 

If you have more zombie dream interpretations, don’t hesitate to tell us your dream experiences in the comments below!

We would love to hear all about the wild places your dreams take you while you’re “resting” at night. 

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